Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

I spent a few hours with my mom last night. She came with me to Hollywood’s honor choir concert. I don’t get to see Mom as often as I’d like – we’re both quite busy with our lives - and that's sad, really. We got a chance to talk in the car and that was great. I always feel a bit guilty after chatting with my mom – I worry that I talked too much while she listened. She’s a great listener, and as you might guess by the length of some of these posts, I’m quite skilled at talking…

I sat and watched Hollywood sing at her concert. The music was beautiful, and so was she. I always feel so proud of that kid when I watch her succeed in one of her gazillions of activities! I don't know how she keeps up with it all, how she does so well in everything she tries.

Anyway, I wrote this, uh, thing (it’s not quite a poem) because these thoughts of mothers and daughters kept swirling around in my head. Fascinating that I can be at a point in my life where I admire and look up to both my mother and my daughter. (I think that means I’m getting old, but we knew that already.)


She is stingy with her advice
And yet I crave it.
I want to ask if I’m doing this right.
How can I achieve the results in life, in parenting, that she has?
Am I afraid of what she might tell me?
She doesn’t criticize my decisions, it’s not her way.
I hang on each of her words that hint of the way things ought to be.
Not because I am unsure of my abilities,
But because she is twenty years and thousands of experiences smarter than me.
And I will always want to know what she thinks is right.

I watch her walk across the stage to her place.
She tosses her mane of silky brown hair,
Opens her mouth, and sings like an angel.
Is it possible for someone to be too pretty and too talented?
On the drive home, we talk and I’m in awe of her.
Amazed by her vibrancy, her attitude, and her confidence.
How did this child get to be this way?
She is so unlike I was.
And yet I see myself in her too. The need to win an argument,
The desire to find out how things work.

Two amazing women – forever connected through birth. They are both my heroes.


Barb said...

That was beautiful and amazing. You are quite talented yourself!

Travis Erwin said...

I hope you passes these beautiful words onto each of them.

And I too will miss Favre. There aren't enough pro athletes like him, but I think he did the right thing.

Andrea said...


Jess Riley said...

Aw, I loved this!!! Monnik, these are just beautiful tributes.

You made me want to call my mom....and, um, have a baby. :-)

Debbielou said...

Beautiful words !

I am certain that your Mum is really proud of you too !

Prairie Chicken said...

My heart jumps with joy—“Wanna go to the concert with us?” My answer is too quick—yes, yes, yes! To be part of your lives, to share in the success of a junior high choir, to offer ridiculous suggestions to a little one to make her giggle; to sit, wrapt, while he plays his part of a fifth-grade trumpet duet; and, best of all, to see my own beautiful, gifted and accomplished daughter practicing with grace and skill the most important of all work—loving and raising those beautiful children. I don’t want to interfere, to second-guess, to undermine. But I do want to be present, and to be there if needed. I am the luckiest mom on the planet. Now, where’s the Kleenex?

R2K said...

: )

Mama P said...

I would love to hear your daughter sing one day. And she is quite stunning from the photos I saw. First thing I always think when I see her. But so aren't you, so there. If you feel this way about your daughter, imagine what your MOM feels about you and her granddaughter? Too amazing.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Stop it. I'm tearing up here in Panera!! Lovely, lovely, lovely. And your mom's response...I'm verklempt.

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