Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Late to the Party

I promised myself that any time I felt like eating junk food in between meals I would do something constructive. The plan is that when I'm at home, and feeling that bored/need to snack for no reason feeling, I'll go clean the toilets or scrub out the sink or do laundry. When I'm at work, I'll do something productive. You know, like, um... work.

So, here I sit at my desk in the middle of a cube farm at Giant Ass Bank, and at this moment, I'm craving that weirdly orange peanut butter on cheese crackers snack. I have a package of them on my desk. It's taunting me. "Eat me! Eat me!" it's whispering. There are worse things I could be craving, but the point is that I am still full from my oatmeal and clementine breakfast. I do not need to eat right now.

So, I should do something constructive here at work. I have a requirements document to write and twenty thousand emails to return, but where's the fun in that? So instead, I'm writing a blog post. Which is better than eating a packet of crackers. But not as productive as finishing those requirements that were due last week.

I did have an actual topic for today's post, though. Other than the three paragraphs of blabbering above, that is. I am reading the Harry Potter series. Finally. I read the first two books years and years ago. When the second book came out, I read them both. Then I stopped. My kids are obsessed with the books, everyone on the planet has raved about them. Still, I didn't read the rest of the series. There were other books to read, other things to do.

The Boy has been begging me to read them. Mostly because every time he wanted to talk to me about the books (especially the last in the series) I would shush him. "Don't tell me! I'm going to read them. Eventually..." I would say.

Last week, I picked up the third book. I flew through it. On Friday I started the fourth book. I devoured it. I am now 1/4 of the way through the fifth book. And I really want to be reading it right now instead of sitting here at work.

I am so amazed at this world Rowling has created. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful and imaginative and funny she is. And have you ever read an author who had better character names? Hers are fabulous!!

I am completely sucked into her world and will likely not read anything else until I've finished this series. And I can tell you, I already know that when I'm done, I will be in a foul mood. I'll be depressed that there is no more to read about Harry and his friends, and whatever book I try to read after this series will not gain my full attention unless it's really, really good.

The Husband asked me if Rowling is better than Stephen King. Because I'm not the King fan that I once was, I immediately answered yes, but after a lengthy discussion with TH, I eventually said that comparing them is an apples to oranges thing. I think comparing Rowling to Tolkein is a more relevant comparison. Though I couldn't tell you who has the advantage in that contest, I did explain to TH that what makes both authors in a league of their own is that they've created these amazing worlds. I am completely in awe of these two people (Rowling and Tolkein) who built these worlds from scratch with only their minds!

Yeah, most people knew of Rowling's genius years ago. I've known she has amazing talent since I read the first book to my kids before they were old enough to read it by themselves. I'm awestruck by the fact that she's gotten better with each book - interweaving all of the characters and past events into the later books. Usually books in a series start to weaken towards the end. Not this series!

Anyway, I'm sure most of you readers have already been where I am now - rapt, not wanting it to end, eyes greedily devouring the words to get in as much of the story as possible before you have to put the book down. That's me, though, late to the party as usual.

Hmmm. I still want those damn crackers. I guess I'll have to write those requirements after all. There's an hour before lunch.


Barb said...

I love love love Harry Potter and have read all 7 books. I even like the movies a lot. Heard a rumor that the movie based on book 7 will actually be two movies cause they don't want to leave out too many details. I'm anxious to see what she writes next.

WebGal said...

Well, I haven't read any of them...but have seen a few of the movies. Now I'm starting to have the urge to read them too...so that'll probably make me LAST to the party. :)

Debbielou said...

We're hooked on the books too!

We've been on the Hogwarts train ( up in Goathland North Yorkshire which was great fun for the kids and course platform 9 3/4 does exist in London !)

My Boy in particular is Harry Potter mad.It's magical.

A couple of months ago there was a fantastic programme on JK Rowling and her life. She started from absolutely nothing living in a one bedroon flat writing her first novel which was turned down by several publishers - I bet that they are kicking themselves now!

Eat the snack - life is too short and diets are for tomorrow ! x

Swishy said...

Aren't they great??? The last two are soooo good!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Loved the books - and I was bummed when they were done, too. The movies are darn good, but books are ALWAYS better.

I haven't read Tolkein recently, it was long long ago.

But what about King's Gunslinger series? I haven't read it all (it's not even finished yet is it?) but there's a world created from scratch, and mighty interesting too?

Jenster said...

just say NO to the crackers!!

Don't tell anyone, but I haven't read any of the HP books. We have most of them, but I just have so many of my own books to read. I imagine I'll eventually get around to reading them...