Monday, March 17, 2008

Jazzy Cat isn't so Jazzy These Days

We had an interesting weekend. On Friday night, our two cats slipped out of the house for a night on the town. They are both indoor cats and rarely get out for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, they got more than they bargained for this time.

Mabel (the cat we took in on Halloween) has a big scratch by her mouth. Jazzy (our 7 year old cat) is in considerably worse shape. The kids noticed that she wasn't walking and that she kept meowing if her left hind leg was touched. Because our regular vet was closed, we had to take her to the vet ER. We spent a few hours there and it was determined that Jazzy was bit by another cat. Since cat wounds are notorious for infection, and because she was running a fever, they inserted an umbilical tape drain into her leg, took X-rays to make sure her leg wasn't broken, and gave her some meds. The poor thing has to wear a cone on her head too. (I won't even go into the cost of the vet ER visit. Let's just say that it was several new outfits' worth of my savings account.)

She is a wreck. And it's really freaking me out. I'll admit, I'm not a gushy, lovey dovey cat person. I don't play with the cats, I usually just grumble about them being underfoot or depositing massive amounts of cat hair onto every surface of my home. But it makes me sad that she's this way.

First of all, the cone is making her run into everything. When she gets freaked out, she goes berserk and runs zig zaggy everywhere, bumping into things all along the way. She strongly resembles the ball in a pinball machine. Which would be funny if she weren't in pain and oozing blood and goo from her leg. Secondly, her pain meds make her sleep. All day. Last night I found her under our bed. She'd been there since we'd last administered her medicine. I reached under the bed to pet her and my hand touched her back hind quarters (is that what they're called on a cat?) Anyway, the hard part of her leg. I withdrew my hand and got all skeeved out. I had visions of her being dead, rigormortis already setting in... I grabbed a flashlight and was very relieved to see her breathing.

She won't eat. She won't drink. And I really don't want to come across a stiff catsicle one of these days. So I had to pull her out from under the bed last night (not an easy task with a sore leg and a head cone). I took her into the kitchen, removed the cone, and sat her in front of her food and water dish.

She refused to touch them. I sat there on the floor with her for about 45 minutes. No dice. The Husband thought it was weird watching me 'baby' the cat. I was petting her and coaxing her and calling her sweetie... Definitely not the normal behavior.

But I want her to get well.... I don't like seeing her this way, it's sad! And it's ruining my tough on cats image.


WebGal said...

Poor Jazzy. :( I'd suggest giving her something like baby food to get her to eat (it's also awesome for getting cats to take medicine). She may be enticed by that. Del loved his chicken.

Barb said...

I didn't think I was that way about our dog until he was attacked by two other big dogs. She had a drain for days and the cone. I kept her on the couch (with a rug under her) and sat with her much more than I normally would. Fortunately she completely recovered and I hope the same for your kitties!


Jenster said...

Poor baby. I'm not a huge cat person, either, but I still don't like to see them suffer.

Here's hoping she heals quickly and you maintain your image!

ALF said...

you live in Iowa? My Grandma lives in Iowa. I love it there!

Swishy said...

Awwwwww! I bet the other guy looks worse, though :)