Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Backpack Surprise

Two things that don’t mix well: an open container of strawberry banana yogurt and a backpack full of notes sent home from the school. I found these in The Boy’s backpack this morning. Both items were placed crammed into the backpack before spring break, which means they were two weeks old.

It wasn’t pretty.

Should I punish The Boy by making him watch TiVoed episodes of Mission: Organization on HGTV?


Jenster said...

I think that's fitting punishment!! (I love that show!!)

By the way - I'm totally laughing because it's not me. LOL

Debbielou said...

What is it with boys and bananas?!
I kept noticing a strange smell every time Sam walked by with his school bag and accused him of all sorts of things! - I had started to trust him to check his own bag for letters etc to try to give him a bit more responsibility - obviously letters were the only thing that he was checking for - the blackened 2 week old stinking banana stuck to the interior was obviously just meant to be there !