Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mental Health Day

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I took a mental health day yesterday. I admit it, I called in sick when I wasn't really sick. Blamed it on ‘stomach issues’. Which was sort of true, since I had cramps, but they weren't debilitating. 'Stomach issues' is the best excuse ever, because nobody wants to dig into it further… It could be cramps, nausea, or diarrhea. Nobody asks you anything further about it. But if you say you have a sore throat, you come back to work and people are like, "How's your throat?" and if you're a terrible liar like me, you forget that you said you had a sore throat, and you say something brilliant like, "Huh? Whatchootalkinaboutwillis?" People don't ask about 'stomach issues'. They just don't. So that's how I got my mental health day and boy oh boy was I productive. I didn’t even get a nap in!

First, The Husband had to follow me to the body shop. They’re fixing the damages caused by the deer this week. When I got home, I checked email for a few minutes and then slapped my hands away. I took PTO for this, dammit, and I’m not going to work!!! So… I cleaned out my closet. I created piles like they do on Tim Gunn’s show. I created a donate pile, a throw away pile, a mend pile, and a keep pile. I kept way more than they do on that show, but managed to put a lot of my unflattering or outdated clothes into the donate pile. The mend pile includes clothes that need ironing. As a rule, I rarely buy these kinds of clothes because I hate ironing. I mean really, who has the damn time to iron? But I have two really cute blouses (hee, webgal hates that word!) that I could wear to work if they were ironed. So I put them in the mending pile. Because ironing is almost as painful as patching the hole in my black cardigan.

Then, after I cleaned out my closet, I played computer games with Bumblebee. I made her lunch and took her to preschool. Then I went to Menard’s, TJ Maxx, and Target. My checking account doesn’t like when I take mental health days. But I got some cool stuff. I bought The Boy a new Bionicle, ‘just because’ and got Bumblebee a new Littlest Pet Shop toy. I couldn’t find anything small for Hollywood, but I just bought her new guitar strings (those things are pricey!!) so I felt ok with the preferential treatment of the young’ns.

I came home and replaced the front door’s horrible door handle that has been giving us fits since we moved in. The Husband seemed impressed by this, but it was really a very easy installation. All it required was a screwdriver and the patience to find the English version of the instructions in between the Spanish and French text of the manual.

Then, I wrote letters on each of the new laundry basket’s I’d purchased. W for whites, L for light colors, D for dark colors, and T for towels. I lined them up neatly in the laundry room and then organized the area. I hung up a bunch of little hooks on the wall so that The Husband’s baseball caps can be neatly hung on the wall instead of tossed here and there.

Then I ran three miles. Well, I did have to stop to walk in the middle. Because I’m out of shape. But I mostly ran three miles. And it felt great.

I made dinner for the fam, and took Hollywood to her guitar lesson. It’s the first lesson in about a year. (We had to stop due to her crazy schedule. The schedule hasn’t calmed down any, she just incessantly wheedled me until I agreed to find the last half hour of free time in the week and commit ourselves to three months of guitar lessons during that time.) She was very excited. I sat in the car and read my book. So it wasn't so bad!

After we got home, I flopped into bed with Bumblebee at 8:30. I was zonked.

Today I feel almost rejuvenated. I only have one meeting on my calendar - which is amazing – so (after I write this blog entry, of course) I’ll actually have time to do real work. And getting caught up should improve my mood as well.

Life’s good. Except for the damn snow we got last night (again! For the bazillionth time this winter) that I had to drive through this morning. Blasted winter. Go away already!!!


WebGal said...

eck! Blouse. I hate that just as much as I hate the term "slacks". GAH!

Congrats on all the productivity...

WebGal said...

Oh and by slacks I mean when referring to pants. All other slacks are OK.

Debbielou said...

Wow - You got loads done! - good for you - sometimes you need a day like that to do all the jobs you have been meaning to do for ages

I also hate ironing too - it is a waste of time - you spend hours standing there lovingly pressing the clothes into shape and put them away neatly in the drawers to find that the kids have pulled out the lot looking for one thing in particular. I only iron things when they need to be ironed now -saves so much more time.

I will sign your petition even though I don't have a clue what the show is about but if the hunky chap on the advert is anything to go by I'm really missing out !

Andrea said...

I love mental health days, especially ones that prove to be uplifting to one's mental health! Good for you!

Manic Mom said...

We got more snow. In fact, I was going to type, "It's snowing right now," but I turned my head to check and IT STOPPED, which kinda sucks cuz now that means I might have to go out and shovel.

LOVE the idea of lettering the laundry baskets.

Turns head, looks out window. OH good, it's snowing again!

Travis Erwin said...

Hey, I called in yesterday too, though I really did have stomach issues. But I did get another chapter of my novel done so I did accomplish something.

Swishy said...

That sounds wonderful! And I have TOTALLY signed the FNL petition!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Your "sick days" sound exactly like mine. I need it for mental health and end up refreshing my mind but exhausting both my body and my wallet.

I'm always kind of scared I will run into someone I work with while shopping. Someone who is taking a "legitimate" day off. Which makes it feel even more like I'm playing hooky, or like I'm on a covert shopping operation!

I am impressed. You, Monnik, are one organized woman. You've come a long way from high school, where I can't remember what color your bedroom carpet even was. Come to think of it, did you even have bedroom carpet?

Tee hee. All in fun! Love ya babe!

Monnik said...

The upstairs bedroom that I shared with Z had green carpet. The creepy basement didn't have carpet since it flooded every so often. Yeah, I was a slob in high school and college. My bedroom still looks like that every so often, but you can't hide the house behind closed doors.

Organization became important to me sometime after J and I won the 'dick' award in college for having to run to the neighbor's room to call our phone and find it under the mess that was our dorm room.

Barrie said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your mental health day. You got an amazing about of stuff done!!