Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lent Me an Ear

I've never been a big fan of Lent. My family was pretty strict about the fasting rules. I remember one Friday during Lent when I was about 13, I won a cake at the Fun Night cake walk, but wasn't allowed to eat it since back then, we didn't eat between meals on Fridays during Lent. I had a friend spend the night and we sneaked it down to my basement bedroom and scarfed it down in secret.

I'm still a practicing Catholic, but I have always questioned the no meat on Fridays during lent thing (it's just so random!), and the giving up of something you like. I understand the sacrifice concept, but to me, having fish, shrimp, or tuna for dinner instead of hamburger isn't a sacrifice at all.

Usually I fail miserably at the no meat on Fridays thing. My kids will remind me halfway through making a chicken dinner that we 'can't' have it because it's Friday. Oops. Last year I did marginally better than in years past. This year, I intend to be a successful Lenten Catholic.

Not necessarily because I believe God wants me to eat fish on Fridays, but because I want to prove to myself that I can actually abstain from something for a set amount of time. And since The Boy and Hollywood are giving something up for their religion class, I feel like I should set a good example. I've been having food issues this winter, so I need to test out my will power, which is why I chose to give up something that I adore, instead of exercise or baked beans. So, maybe it's not for all the 'right' reasons, but I'm actually focusing on the part of Lent that I've ignored in year's past. I'm giving up something that is near and dear to my heart.

And that 'something' is....


I know! I'm crazy! I'm going to give up chocolate during the earliest Lenten season in a bazillion years, when Valentine's Day is right smack in the middle of Lent. So no chocolate truffles, no chocolate cake, no brownies, no chocolate chip cookies, no mochas, nothing. I'm giving it up.

Starting today.

Wish me luck.


WebGal said...

Yikes! Good luck!

Debbielou said...

I'm Catholic too ! The kids have had their " ashes " today at school and my daughter has decided of her own choice this evening to give up chocolate sweeties especially as she has hadthem left over since Christmas. I've given up loads of things over the years, - sugar , bread , biscuits and chocolate too. This year I've found it quite hard as I genuinely don't know what to give up - still working on it whilst eating a biscuit !

Larramie said...

With faith, all things are possible! ;)

Prairie Chicken said...

Good luck! I'm giving up refined sugar of all kinds. Four days so far with success--although I did put dates in the oatmeam, and raisins, to sweeten it--is that cheating? My reasons aren't very holy either--I need to lose weight, and I have no willpower over anything at all. Maybe this combination will work? Wish me luck, too!!