Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still in Mourning

I'm still lamenting my Packers loss. It was brutal. I appreciate the nice comments left about it, though. Sigh. I had such high hopes. But oh well.

A couple of Bumblebee-isms to brighten your Tuesday:

The other morning, as I was drinking coffee and snuggling with Bumblebee, she said to me, "Ew! Momma, your breath Stinks." And after a quick pause, "But I still love you anyway."

Then, while we were at mass on Sunday, she asked me: "Mom, does God play with us?" I shushed her, since she has a tendency to chatter all the way through mass, but she persisted. "Does he play with us?" She repeated. I didn't follow her line of thinking. I said I wasn't sure. She then elaborated: "You know, like how I play with my Littlest Pet Shops. Does he move us around, and that's how we walk?" She gestured with her hands, how God would move us from place to place, like we were Barbies or something.

Winter Still Sucks update: More snow last night - 4 inches, I think. -3 temperature when I got up this morning. Snow again tonight and tomorrow. Temps to dip in the negative teens tomorrow night, I think. Yeah. Fun.

Get Moving! update: I am a lazy slob. But today I am back on track. I have extremely healthy, Weight Watchery food with me and I'm starting my One Hour Runner program again so that I can actually get back to running, which is something I love but have completely slacked off on.

That's all I've got. Stay warm!!


Patti said...

thanks for the visit via travis...and i did my speed work running today. there's a bitch of a hill that knows how to make me cry...but i love that hill. took off 25 seconds on my full run today so i know that hill is a'workin'!

Travis Erwin said...

Look at the runner-ly love.

I hated to see Favre lose but for my fantasy football team I needed the Giants to win since I have Eli and Plaxico on my team.

I need to drop some weight and get serious about exorcise bat I just don't seem to have the willpower.

Andrea said...

You know, I find the idea of being God's doll a little disturbing because I really like the idea that he gave us free will so we could choose what mistakes we make...

Have a snowball fight for me, will ya? All the forecasts of snow so far have not come to fruition.

Barrie said...

Good luck with the Weight Watchery foods and the running. Love the Bumblebee-isms!

Larramie said...

Alas, Favre versus Brady could have been an historic battle, but it seems that on Sunday God was more interested in toying with Giants.

Absolutely love your youngest child's perception on the world!

Swishy said...

I am SICK of winter!! Good for you on the running, though!

Debbielou said...

What a wonderful question!! x