Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lion Dancers

Remember me telling you about my brother's wedding in San Francisco on December 15th? Maybe I didn't go into detail, I can't remember and am too lazy to go back and check.

My sister-in-law is chinese, and so she and Sam hired traditional lion dancers for the reception. I'm sure you've seen similar things in parades - people crouching under huge, ornate costumes of dragons, lions, etc. Up close at the reception, adults and children alike were in complete awe of this performance. In addition to the dancers, there were musicians beating drums to the rhythm that the lions were dancing. The lions would get up on these ladders and stretch to their full height (which was all the way to the ceiling). It was so amazingly cool.

During the dance, the maid of honor came up to me and told me to have Bumblebee (who was the flower girl at the wedding) 'feed' the lion a $20. So we got up there and I was afraid Bumblebee would be frightened by the immense 'lions' but she was delighted. They made a big show of being scary and mean and after she gave them the tip, they pretended to kiss her and danced around.

Since I was up there with her, I didn't get a picture of this action, but someone did, and my brother emailed it to me last night. You can tell it's an action shot - there was tons of movement, but you get the idea of how cool this dance was. And hey- this post bumps down the icky chicken neck picture of the post below it, so there's another bonus!


Mama P said...

That is awesome. And I'm serious - your kids are spectacularly goregeous. (I can't spell today.) sooo beautiful.

Andrea said...

Oh! I bet that was so much fun!

Jane said...

How fantastic!

Swishy said...

How fun! What a great picture!

Debbielou said...