Friday, January 18, 2008

The Funk Continues...

The funk continues. The weather still sucks. They’re talking about -25 wind chill temperatures tonight (actual temps of -8 or something awful like that). I’m still unmotivated, I’m still eating like crap (although this morning I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast), I still want to crawl in bed and do absolutely nothing when I get home from work.

Have I mentioned this fact before? I HATE WINTER.

Last night I wanted to curl up on the couch with a book and do nothing. I was in a foul mood because of some ickiness at work and after The Husband patiently allowed me to get all of that stuff off my chest, I felt like snoozing and napping on the couch. Then I remembered that I had Bunko. Our neighborhood ladies have a Bunko group and we get together once a month to play, drink, eat, and socialize. I sooooooo didn’t want to go. I thought about bailing, but since I didn’t make the last two months due to conflicts, I decided that I really had to go. So I dragged myself off the couch, put on some real clothes (I’d changed into pjs the second I got home from work) and went.

I’m so glad I did. The camaraderie of my neighbor pals was just what I needed to pick me up. I’m not super close with any of them, but I do enjoy their company - they're a fun group. The margarita that I had improved my mood greatly too.

And today is Friday. However, it’s a cold and miserable Friday. But you guys are probably sick of hearing about the cold so I'll quit whining.

I’ve mentioned before how The Boy is my ‘easy’ child. He rarely gets in trouble, and is such an upbeat kid that even when he does get punished for something, he usually accepts it gracefully, if not cheerfully. This week’s been a challenge for us, though. His room has been a disaster forever. I finally couldn’t take it any longer and told him he had to get it cleaned – closet, under the bed, in the corners, all of it. Well, the little guy just isn’t the best at organization, so in his attempt to clean it, he made one hell of a disaster out of his room. He’s still not done and has been working on it every day after school this week. Of course half the time I check on him, he’s sitting on the floor daydreaming, so that’s a big part of the problem. To add to this issue, he got his Reading grade sent home yesterday with a D-. The Boy is awesome at reading, an A student, so this was a shock. After further review, I noted that he was missing 5 assignments. I asked him where they were and he said that he couldn’t find them. He did them, but lost them somehow. This lack of organization really hurts him sometimes, and this is a prime example of that. And then, to add to the issue some more, he got a check mark at school yesterday for talking during work time - something that is very much out of character for him. I had no choice but to tell him that he couldn’t spend the night with his friend tonight – even though we’d agreed on those plans a few days ago. He was so disappointed, he started to cry. I felt bad, but I really had to show him that until he gets a handle on his organization and school assignments better, he really has to pay a consequence. His teacher, bless her heart, will let him turn those assignments in again for full credit. And while I love that, because it will bring his grade up to an A again, it doesn’t teach him accountability for missing deadlines and being disorganized. So he was sad this morning when I told him the bad news. And it made me sad too, but what else could I do?

And THEN! I got the cell phone bill yesterday and it was almost twice the normal amount. I thought maybe I’d forgotten to pay it last month, but no. I found that a certain 14 year old daughter of mine had racked up $76 worth of texting charges. She sent or received over 500 text messages last month. Problem is, she knew it was against the rules. When I gave her the cell phone I told her texting was not allowed. She’s been begging me to buy the unlimited texting plans for $10/month. And while that would certainly beat the $76 I spent this month, it isn’t something I was ready to do. I don’t think she needs to text message a zillion times a month. I see kids doing that all the time and me makes me nuts. I’ve seen kids texting while driving… Anyway, she got her phone taken away until who knows how long. And that sucks because it’s an inconvenience for us both. When I got the bill, I sent her a text message that said, "I just got the phone bill. 50+ texts in the last month... $76 worth. NOT COOL. Expect many, many chores."

Sigh… can you see why I want to go to some tropical island right about now?

I’ll settle for a Packers win this weekend. GO PACK GO!


Barb said...

We have the same "organizational" problem with our 10 y/o. He reads more and better than most adults yet gets horrible grades in reading because he doesn't turn in assignments on time and his teacher DOES NOT cut them slack which, in a way, I am grateful for otherwise he'd never learn. Unfortunately the bad grades don't seem to matter to him so he has now been banned from the PS2, game boy, visits at friends house, etc until the grades come up. He is absolutely brilliant but just doesn't seem to care. Makes me nuts. Hubster had to deal with him last night. I couldn't take it. Glad your night ended better. Have a margarita for me.

Andrea said...

Being a parent sometimes sucks, doesn't it? When I signed up for this job, I signed up for the whole thing, but still - I'm not looking forward to those days.

And just keep telling yourself that the days really are getting longer and spring really is just around the corner. That's what I have to do. Of course, it's easier to believe in Memphis with no snow.