Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Ugh. The title gave me a horrible earworm! Sorry if I passed it along to you...

Well, the holidays are officially over. Last night was definitely back to reality, frazzled style. I had to get groceries after work, but had to be done in time to run the girls to the church where Bumblebee had religion class and Hollywood was helping out to earn credits for community service needed for her Confirmation class. I got home from dropping them off, unloaded the $160 worth of groceries I bought and then whipped up a super-fast, super-unhealthy dinner of fried catfish, fried potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls. (I made oatmeal for myself. Weight Watchers doesn’t really approve of a meal where 2/3 of the food is fried…Sure, they say you can eat whatever you want, but only if you eat a piece of fish the size of a quarter and ONE tiny fried potato sliver.)

Anyway, It was a normal night, busy, chaotic, where we eat in shifts. The Boy and The Husband got to eat the first shift while I ran and picked the girls up from the church.

When I returned from getting the girls, The Husband paid me a really nice compliment. He told me that he would have happily spent $40 on that meal at a restaurant. The Husband is a REALLY picky eater, not with what I make, but at restaurants. He rarely thinks food at restaurants is worth the meal price, so this was quite the pat on the back. Huh. Who knew that catfish and taters would earn such high praise? I should’ve raided his wallet for that $40. I am out of cash at the moment.

Hollywood wasn’t quite as complimentary. She took a bite of the fish and there was a teeny-tiny little bone in it. No big deal right? Wrongo. She was convinced that the bone ‘slithered’ and she screamed like one of Freddy Kreuger’s victims and dropped the fish on the floor thinking there was a worm or something in it. Her reaction made Bumblebee very skeptical about eating my gourmet quality fish meal, so neither of the girls really wanted much to do with dinner. They kept asking for bites of my oatmeal instead. Go figure.

So yeah. A post about fish dinner. I am really reaching today, I know. Since I’m not being particularly interesting this morning, I shall point out someone who is. My goofy-ass friend Mom in Scrubs wrote a highly entertaining blog post last night. Unfortunately, I can’t get it out of my brain, but it is definitely worth the read. She’s as funny as two cats scrogging in a comedy club.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Thanks for the link!!!

I'm with the girls, I'd take oatmeal over fried catfish any day. But I don't like catfish. So no offense to you...Isn't it great to get a compliment from a generally non-complimenting hubby?

Happy New Year!! I'm on a diet too, but it's not going so hot yet. Stick with it!!

WebGal said...

Thanks for the earworm.

Andrea said...

LOL! If you were sorry, you wouldn't have passed it along!

What an amazing woman you are to cook all that delicious food just so you can eat oatmeal! I don't know if I could/would have done it. :)

Jenster said...

I was rivited by the fish post! Truly!! Actually, it made my mouth water.

Jenster said...

I followed the link. Oh my gosh! I cried and snorted and woke up my dozing husband.