Monday, December 31, 2007

Ready for a Change?

Last night Hollywood and I went to see Barack Obama speak in Des Moines. Iowa holds the first caucus, so we have been completely bombarded by political ads on tv, radio, billboards, and cereal boxes (not really, but probably someday!) We have constant visits from the candidates, get recorded phone messages from them, and news segments on them as well.

It used to be that I could line up most of my beliefs with the Republican party. I have always voted the conservative ticket, so I'm a bit puzzled at my change in heart lately.

Could it be the poor choices being made daily by the president that we have in office at the moment? Maybe. Could it be my mother-in-law is slowly wearing me down and turning me into a Democrat? I hope not.

On many issues, ones that are important to me, I still side with the Republicans. But this current administration has ignored these issues only to focus on a war that's not only unwinnable, but is one that we shouldn't have gotten into in the first place.

I don't think that America is going to elect a Republican president in 2008, and maybe that's for the best.... Because of this, I want to make sure that the Democratic ticket holder is someone I can live with. So I started researching, and I started listening to my Mother-in-law who is a precinct captain for Obama's Iowa campaign. I read through Barack's 'Blueprint for Change' handout and agreed with many (but not all) of his points. Here are a few of them:

1. His ethics campaign is focused on getting lobbyists, special interest groups, and big business out of the white house. Whether it's oil companies or drug companies. I read a book this summer about the AIDS crisis in Ethiopia. It talked about what the drug companies are doing to virtually withhold life saving medicine to millions of dying Africans. They're doing the same thing to our seniors right inside this country, with the full support of the government and that's despicable.

2. Ending the war in Iraq. This one seems like a nobrainer to me. It surprises me that there are still Americans out there who think we should be in Iraq.

3. Coming together to bridge the partisan gap in our country. Sure, all the candidates say that they'll do this. Barack has a history of bringing party lines (not panty lines) together. His quote, "I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America, I want to be the President of the United States of America." is a great mantra.

4. Reducing our dependency on foreign oil. People, we sent a man to the moon. We spend gazillions of dollars on a war that will not make us safer or gain us allies. If we spent a fraction of that amount coming up with a clean energy alternative for vehicle use, all cars would be equipped with a Mr. Fusion by 2010. (Remember Mr. Fusion? From Back to the Future? When Doc Brown comes back from his trip at the very end of the movie, he puts a banana peel and pours a half empty beer into the receptacle on the time machine. Mr. Fusion was the upgrade from the plutonium that he previously used to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of power needed for the flux capacitor to work...)

Ah, Back to the Future. What an awesome movie.

Anyway... these are the big points that are causing me to change my political affiliation (at least for the caucus) and go caucus for Senator Obama.

Last night we had front row seats, and I got to shake his hand twice. My MIL introduced Hollywood and me to him, and he even kissed Hollywood on the cheek. It was pretty cool. He's a very charismatic speaker, very motivational and I think he'd be a good leader for our country. My bleeding heart friends might be shocked to see my change of heart.

****I'm Monnik, and I approved this message.****


WebGal said...

WHA?! *jaw dropping*


Mama P said...

A friend of mine is HUGE into Obama also. I thank you for this post, as I am very very very non-political and it's not right. I am a mother and a worker and person with so many freedoms - it's time to step up and research. I will read this post again when my little future voters aren't violating their Dora dolls... oooh, Dora's head is in a faux mixer now! Gotta run....

Andrea said...

Am I on the right site? *checks to make sure web address really is frazzledbutlovingit* Looks that way. Honey, I think someone jacked your blog! LOL!

Happy New Year! May the coming year be more wonderful than the last!

Mom In Scrubs said...

I'm proud of you for doing your research. I'll have to take it as an initiative of my own. Politics bore me, I hate the ads, and I just have no trust in government. It's hard to believe my little voice can make a difference. But I need to set some kind of example for my kids. Plato keeps telling me I need to vote, whenever I can.

And I just learned what a caucus actually was. Never took poli sci in college...

Travis Erwin said...

I'm so torn in this election that I have no idea what I will do.

But then again I tend to vote for the "weird" candidate that has no real chance anyway. I voted Libertarian in the last presedential race.

Josephine Damian said...

If I were Hollywood, I'd never wash my face again. I'll bet he's even better looking in person.

As a card carrying left leaning liberal, I'm celebrating that you're coming over to the "light side" (as opposed to the dark side - lol).

Good summation of Obama's platform, BTW.

Barrie said...

Front row seats? Sounds like quite an experience! Thanks for sharing. And...Happy New Year!

Swishy said...

I am very interested to see what happens on Thursday! Tight, tight race in Iowa ...