Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Little More Random from a Sickie

We're Packers fans in our household, as I'm sure you've gathered. Thursday was the big Cowboys/Packers showdown. Both teams were 10-1, both will win their divisions, and this game was likely to decide who gets home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Bumblebee's babysitter is a big Cowboys fan. On Thursday morning, I dressed Bumblebee in her Brett Favre jersey and when she walked into her babysitter's house, she saw that R was wearing a Cowboys jersey. Without prompting, Bumblebee yelled, "GO PACKERS!!" Good for her.

Oh, if only they would have 'gone' harder. They lost in a game that may not have had the outcome I wanted, but was really very good.

My boss is also a Cowboys fan, and she slung a few 'smack talking' emails with me on Thursday. Yesterday, I decided at the last minute (on Friday morning) to take a day off and go Christmas shopping. My boss emailed me back saying, "Jeez, Monnik, it's just a game. You don't need to go into hiding and take a PTO day because your team lost..."

Bumblebee and I went to the mall and on the way she asked me, "Do you know the Pick Wick Steelers? That's Allie's favorite team. They don't really steal. That's just their team name."

We spent a lot of time at the mall yesterday. Even though Bumblebee was reasonably well behaved, shopping with a 4 year old is hard work. I was looking for Christmas presents (I got several) and an outfit to wear to my brother's rehearsal dinner in a few weeks. I only bought jewelry and a great handbag. I guess I'll wear something that I already have for the dinner, because I don't have the time or energy to do that kind of shopping again. I was exhausted when I got home, but I actually wrapped a bunch of my Christmas presents. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've ever wrapped presents in November. I'm usually doing it on December 24th.

Does anyone else hate wrapping presents? I cannot stand it. The artistic/creative side of me wants things to look nice, but the practical part of me keeps telling me this is such a waste of time as I try and fold the corners just so. I can never get the darn things to lay down smoothly on the ends. Urg! My side of the family was never really big on beautiful wrapping. Usually we get gifts wrapped up in Wal-Mart or Target bags. The Husband's side is completely the opposite. I swear that my MIL must spend hours and hours wrapping things - her packages are so beautiful that it's a shame to open them.

My brother and his girlfriend came over to hang out last night. I felt really bad because I was soooo tired. I just sat on the couch and we talked and played a really lame Iowa trivia game. They left and must think that The Husband and I are the most boring couple alive.

This morning I understood a little more why I was so wiped last night. I thought it was from the shopping, but when I woke up this morning, my neck, back, and shoulders ached, and I had a headache. Looks like the beginnings of the flu. I spent all but 3 hours today on the couch. Those 3 hours that I didn't spend on the couch were spent in my bed. I'm in bad shape. An Advil and Excedrin cocktail at least gave me the energy to make dinner for myself (I heated up a can of green beans. How's that for extravagant?!) and get up to write this entry, but I'm heading straight back to the couch to finish the book I'm reading after I get done here.

The Boy had a friend spend the night last night. He's a pleasant little guy - a new kid in the neighborhood who has a lot in common with The Boy. They spent all of last night, and then all day today hanging out. The Boy went over to his friend's house and had dinner there. He called to see if he could spend the night there, and I told him no since he'd been with this friend for over 24 hours by now. Five minutes later, his friend's dad called to plead The Boy's case. I ended up caving in, but that made me mad. I said no, dude! Why would he call to get me to change my mind? Maybe it's the fact that I feel like crap that has made me grouchy about this, but I do think it's odd. The Boy probably gave him that wounded puppy dog look that's melted my icy heart a time or two... who knows.

Ok, I've babbled enough for one night. I know I'm not making sense now - so I'm going to curl up on my couch. The Husband made a nice crackly fire in the fireplace for me and is keeping Bumblebee occupied in the basement. So it's really cozy and peaceful up here. Curling up with a cup of coffee in front of a fire with a good book is the best way I can think of to nurse my aches and pains.


Travis Erwin said...

Despite living in Texas I hate the Cowboys so I was pulling for the Pack.

Andrea said...

Poor thing! I hope you feel better soon! At least you got some of your shopping out of the way beforehand.

Swishy said...

Ohhhh, I hope you're feeling better! And don't worry about the Packers, they'll get 'em in the playoffs ;)