Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Joys of Holiday Pictures

I took Christmas pictures today. And I wrote my Christmas letter. I didn't really think I'd have time to do either this year, but the weather prevented me from going to my mom's house today, so I had the time and decided to go for it.

I think this year's picture is really pretty - the kids are beautiful in it and the absence of The Husband and me made us both very happy people. Neither of us chose to shower today, so we weren't in picture condition. But the kids sure all looked cute, as always!

Last year's Christmas picture was an ordeal. Since we'd purchased a Packers jersey for everyone in the family, we decided to take a family portrait with them on. So, I read the directions for the timer function on the camera and set up the piano bench in the sunroom so we could gather around the tree. The camera sat atop a stack of books that were just the right height for the picture.

Family Christmas picture take one is what I like to call "Huh? It's time to actually take this thing?"

NOBODY is smiling. They are all irritated that they have to sit so close together. They're all looking at me, watching my ineptitude - while I'm behind the camera trying to figure out how long the timer lasts. Let's try again.

Take two - this time the dog jumped in on the fun. Everyone seems to be laughing at something, well, except for The Husband who has his this-is-retarded-can-we-please-be-done-now look on his face. I clearly didn't make it to my perch on the bench quick enough this time either.

I actually made it into take three but it's a disaster. Remember that part in Steel Magnolias where Shelby tells her mom (Sally Field) that her hair looks like a helmet? Yep - that's me in this picture. And this picture makes it glaringly obvious that Bumblebee has no socks on. It's December, and that means it's cold in my house. Why wasn't that kid wearing socks?! The Husband has a goofily cheerful grin on his face, which is a departure from the usual grimace he flashes for the camera. The boy has unnaturally good posture, and Bumblebee looks like she's either in pain or has to poop, so on we move to the next one.

This next one isn't bad, except that I thought The Boy looked too pale and too much of my thighs were showing. And we all know that since I'm the final approver on which picture makes the cut, it's going to be the one that makes me look the prettiest, slimmest, and least helmety of them all.

Finally, we come to the one that was the least awful. I played around with it in photoshop and here's what we came up with:

Here's hoping that you have an easier time getting your family together to pose for a Holiday Picture.


WebGal said...

What a great Christmas picture!

krobzoo said...

Very nice - the Merry Christmas pillow is so neat - looks like it was 'wrriten' on the picture - just very cool.
Now on to last year's pic - why is it that it seems so easy at the picture places - but it is so tough to do something as cool at home.

DuJane said...

Too cute!

LZ Blogger said...

The last time I tired to do one of these... everyone in it thought THEY didn't look good. So after taking about 25 different shots, I finally gave up and we just took the one with the most votes to use for the Christmas card.~ jb///

Mom In Scrubs said...

Mom-in-Law did the honors this year. She takes them to some fancy-schmancy "grandmas showing off their grandkids" tea party every year anyway. Buys them pretty clothes and primps them. She took her assignment seriously: about 80 pictures later I found two to use for our card.
And yeah, it's nice just having the kids in the pic!

Swishy said...

Ohhhh SO CUTE!

Andrea said...

I love the progression for the 'perfect' picture and that your family didn't just walk out on you after the 3rd one! :)

I have to ask, though... Who do you send the newsletter to?

Jess Riley said...

You guys look GREAT in that last picture! And I didn't know you were Packer family is, but I'm married to a Vikings fan. Oh, the humanity!! :)

Jenster said...

I love the pictures!! All of them! :o)

You do have awfully cute kids!

Mama P said...

Awesome shot. And seriously, not just saying it, every single one of you are stinkin' beautiful! WOW. Lovely family! You need three more kids. Get to it. You make 'em gorgaaaaws dahlink.