Friday, November 23, 2007

The Sock Trasher

I feel like The Boy doesn't get enough 'blog press'. Almost all of Bumblebee's conversations are so cute that they're blog fodder. Hollywood's challenging attitude makes for blogging gold too.

But The Boy, who has always been my "easy" child, happily goes through the day saying sweet things like, "Best Mom in the world." as his good night salutation. He rarely argues with The Husband and me, and if he does get in trouble, he accepts his punishment without opposition. I'm serious - if he didn't remember to practice his trumpet and I take the GameBoy away for a day, he almost cheerfully says, "Ok, Mom." before handing it over. Our biggest struggles with The Boy aren't really that big at all: he's very unorganized, and has trouble focusing on the task at hand sometimes. Think of it as a creative genius disorder, if you will. His bedroom is usually a disaster, but then again, so is mine, so how hard on him can I be for that? The kid TRASHES his socks. I buy brand new ones and after one use, they look like a homeless man has walked the streets of LA in them for weeks.

He's scatterbrained, unorganized, and a sock-ruiner. I'm a lucky parent to have a kid with these three things as his top challenges. I'm sure he'll go through a difficult stage when he's older. I hear that high school is a particularly trying time for boys. But maybe not... Maybe he'll always be a well behaved, rule following, mom-loving little man. I can dream, right?


Mama P said...

"He's scatterbrained, unorganized, and a sock-ruiner." LOL.

I see a monogrammed tee shirt in his future: "Sock-ruiner".

Andrea said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you!

Travis Erwin said...

A nice pat on the back for "The Boy."

Mom In Scrubs said...

I remember how scared I was to have a boy. YOU told me, "there's no bond like the bond between mother and son." How true that has proved!
From one "Best Mom in the World" to another - here's to sons!