Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Does this Sound Familiar?

How weird is this? Last night was Beggar's Night, so I took Bumblebee trick-or-treating, while The Boy went out with a group of his zombie friends. In Iowa we do this the night before Halloween instead of on the holiday itself. I don't understand it either.

So anyway, my mother-in-law came up to go with us, and we had a great time. We noticed a cute little kitten following several groups of trick-or-treaters. I didn't recognize the cat, and felt kind of sorry for it. My MIL has a softer spot in her heart for cats than I do, and she tried to get it to stay out of the street and go home, she was afraid it would get hurt. But it ended up following another group of people, so we didn't end up doing anything about the kitten.

We got home and mentioned this to Hollywood and The Husband who'd stayed home to hand out candy. They told us about a different cat who had been trying to get into our house every time the door was opened to give the neighbor kids candy. Sure enough, this cat (a different one from the kitten we'd seen out and about earlier) was still hanging out on our front porch.

After I got the zombie cleaned up and turned into The Boy again, and gave the princess her bath, read her a story, and put her to bed, it was time for me to rest my weary feet and watch my TiVoed The Biggest Loser. As I sat there and watched the show, that dumb cat meowed over and over again for me to let it inside! The cat thinks it lives at our place.

I don't need another cat. I have one who is quite pleasant, though she sucks at mousing (we live about a hundred yards all around from cornfields, so field mice are an issue in the winter). I don't want or need another animal in my household. And I especially didn't want a cat meowing incessantly while I was trying to watch my favorite reality show.

So I 'sicked' the dog on the cat. Merlin had been itching to get out and chase that cat all night. So I opened the door and let her at it. (yes, Merlin is a female. Don't ask - that's a story for another day. The bottom line is that she had lumpy lady bits as a puppy and we were misled.) Now before anyone who is more animal friendly than I gets in a huff over me sending the dog out to get rid of the cat, you should know that Merlin would never actually hurt the cat, but she'd have fun chasing it away.

After I heard the dog run a couple of houses away, I called her back in. She happily came home and I thought my troubles were over. Not so. Less than a minute later, the cat was back at the window meowing over and over and over again.

Merlin was happy to help me with the problem, so I let her out to chase the kitty again. The dumb cat was back again a minute after we let Merlin in. When the third try with the dog failed, I gave up and turned up the volume on my show, finished it, and went to bed, thankful for once that The Husband sleeps with a fan blowing on his head. The fan at least blocked out the sound of the cat.

This morning, as we got up and were getting ready, the stupid thing was STILL meowing at us to let it in. I snapped a picture of it on our front porch:

Cute cat, I know. Someone should give it a loving home, and all that. But not me. I opened my garage door to go to work and the darned thing ran into the garage! It is bound and determined to get into our house!

As The Husband left to go to work, the cat trotted along behind him as he walked down the driveway to his van. After he left, the cat tried again to get into our garage. I had to shut the garage door to freak it out enough to get it to leave. And by leave I mean exit the garage, not actually go to wherever it belongs. It is still hanging around the house.

Isn't it freaky how we're being harassed by a cat on Halloween? Maybe it's someone's - what's that called when a witch has a cat that does it's work for her? Off to google. Back in a jiffy... Oh, WOW. When I googled 'witch's cat' I clicked on the first entry and got the following definition from urban dictionary:

witch's cat - Another name for unkempt, hairy female genitalia.

I did not expect that one!!! What I meant to find was the term "familiar." You know, an animal shaped spirit who serves for witchery.

Well, this post is going in a direction I didn't expect. So I'll end it with a picture of a princess, a zombie, and a teenager who didn't feel like dressing up last night: Happy Halloween!


Mom In Scrubs said...

Cute cute picture - nice job with the zombie makeup! Vali looks so adorable. Lulu doesn't want a "girlie" costume - she's a "scawy skeweton" and Plato is the dark Spiderman.
The cat on Halloween is a weird story. Maybe the cat is a decent mouser. You could feed it and keep it as an outside cat. Will it let you pet it?
Too funny about the alternate definition.
We do Beggar's nite on Halloween nite here - so I don't think it's an Iowa thing, although I used to think that too.

Monnik said...

That's funny, Cuz V didn't want to be anything girlie last year, either. She was a spider!

She also told me yesterday that ALL of the boys (except for one lone cowboy) in her preschool class were spiderman. But only one was the black spiderman.

Be sure to send pictures of L and T's costumes...

WebGal said...

Well, you KNOW I'm a cat person. That cat clearly is missing its home. Be nice to it!

Andrea said...

Happy Halloween!

Poor kitty... I completely understand about you refusing to accept another cat into your home. A friend brought over a rescued kitten the other day when we were entertaining, and while it was absolutely adorable, DTTF and I agreed before she got there that no matter how cute it was, no more cats! We only have one, but right now, we're a one-cat-house (not in the dirty way).

Mama P said...

I'm not sure if your kids or that cat is cuter. All adorable! Happy Halloween. You're probably trick or treating now as I type this. I'm off to shut down the computer and give my kids a pre-haunting nap. Wish me luck.

Mama P said...

Hey, a quick thanks for visiting my new space, also. I'm the "new kid in Babycenter town" so it's comforting to see a "familiar" face at my doorstep. Okay, NOW I'm putting my kids to bed - sugar high and all! Taking your advice, I'll count to 10 if it doesn't work...

Jenster said...

ROFLMAO!!! That'll teach you to Google!! LOL!!!

Kinda spooky about the cat, if you ask me. Is he/she still hanging out with you guys??

Great pics, BTW!

Monnik said...

The cat was howling at the doorstep again last night. Annoying little creature!

Didn't see her this morning, though. I feel bad not giving her food or something, but I really don't want her to stick around...

suchsimplepleasures said...

hysterical! i have a cat, by the way, that looks EXACTLY like the one in the picture. Like someone dropped black ink on top of a white cat!
i think there was a major cat problem, last night. so many people were talking about being followed by cats and kittens...very strange!!!

Swishy said...

Spooooky kitty! Your kids look adorable ... what a great picture.