Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another Running Partner

Last night I asked Hollywood if she'd run with me. She didn't feel like it, so The Boy piped up and said, "I will, Mom! I could use the exercise."

I had mixed emotions about it, because I selfishly wanted to get my 4 mile run in last night, and I knew that he wouldn't be up to running that far. But I decided that spending time with him, and promoting healthy activity would be better than getting my full 4 miles in - I could do that today if I wanted to. So we laced up and headed out.

It was a gorgeous night - a bit on the warm side for October, but breezy enough to make it comfortable. My plan was to start slow - we were going to run for five minutes then walk for a bit. But after five minutes he was doing great, so we kept going, setting goals for ourselves. We got to the water tower, which was about 3/4 mile from where we started to run, and I asked him if he wanted to walk.

"Nope, let's keep going." He said. We turned around and ran back to our original starting point, and still he didn't stop to walk. I was amazed - this kid can run! Yes, we were going slow, but still... He decided after we got to where we started (which meant we'd gone for about a mile and a half) that he wanted to run for 20 minutes without stopping. We only had to run for an extra two minutes to get to his goal. Then we walked.

I'm so proud of my little man! (Who isn't so 'little' these days...) He ran the mile a couple of weeks ago in school and had a 14+ minute time. He said he stopped to walk at least four times. I wonder if maybe he was running with one of his friends who needed him to stop, because last night he didn't have to stop to walk and we ran our route in about a 12:30 minute mile pace.

He's so cute - he kept thanking me for letting him come along. (I kept telling him that I was grateful to have a partner to run with!) We had fun on our run, and I think running is a great activity for him. I'm surprised he did so well, and can't wait to take him out the next time.

Ok, I know you people are probably sick of hearing me blog about running. I'll try to tone it down. :)


Andrea said...

Go Boy! (I'm great at being a long-distance cheerleader... can you tell?) :)

And kudos for being active with your children. My mom wasn't active with us, therefore I wasn't used to being active. Now I HAVE to learn to be more active in order to lose/maintain weight. Tree Faerie is really helping in the activity department, though.

Glad you enjoyed your race.

Jenster said...

Not boring at all!!! Good for him. I used to love to run. It just feels so good. Unfortunately, my knees are horrible and I can't run anymore. Maybe some day...

Swishy said...

That is awesome! I have to get back into the running. I really hate it, but it's so efficient.