Wednesday, September 5, 2007

'Iowa Ink' just doesn't have the same ring to it....

I have a confession to make. I love the show LA Ink. For those of you who don't watch it, it's a spin-off from Miami Ink and both shows are about people who run a tattoo parlor. Parlor? Shop? Joint? My guess is that they like the term joint best. Because, really, parlor sounds sissyish. Why did that word even pop into my head to describe a tattoo place? Whatever. It doesn't matter.

Kat Von D is the owner of the shop. First of all, isn't that a wicked-cool name? Seriously! It just sounds sexy and mysterious, and all that. Kat's got tattoos on her temple! She's got the typical sleeved arms and a leg that she lets her friends tattoo messages and stuff on. You know, like when you were a kid and the 10 year old down the street let you sign his bright orange cast when he broke his arm? She lets her friends do that on her leg. Wow. Anyway, here's a pic of Kat:

She's hot! I'm serious, I totally think she's amazing. Then there's her friend Pixie, who is freaking adorable in her pierced dimples sort of way. She has these dimples that are like my brother Erik's. You could park a truck in them! And she wears a little stud in each one. It sounds like it could be icky. But it's cute - in her bad-ass, nobody messes with me, but I'm still hot sort of way.

The show is interesting because you get a story line of why people come in to get tattoos. People come in to get tributes to their parents, their kids, etc. They get a tat to commemorate their battle with cancer, etc. The artwork on the show is amazing. These people really are true artists and I sometimes just sit in awe at what they produce.

The Husband doesn't like tattoos. I have one. It's small, on my right shoulder blade and is a chinese symbol for family/clan. (I know, chinese symbols are way overdone in the tattoo world, but it still has a good meaning behind it.) At the time, I trusted the tattoo shop that the character really did mean 'family/clan'. I've since heard of places telling poor, unsuspecting people like me that a character means one thing, when it really doesn't. Luckily, my brother's fiancee speaks Chinese and validated that it does, in fact, mean what I thought it did. I'm so glad she didn't look at it and laugh at me, saying that it means cheeseburger. Anyway, so TH isn't a big fan of tattoos. Which is kind of ironic because he has long, rocker hair these days, is getting back into touch with his guitar playing skills, and generally playing the part of a musician. Tattoos seem to go hand in hand with that image, but that's my guy - he's unpredictable like that.

LA Ink is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine - Hollywood likes to watch it with me sometimes, and TH doesn't love that. I think he's worried that she's going to run off and get a huge tramp stamp (tattoo on her lower back) when she turns 18. I doubt she'll do that, she's smarter than that. Putting on my parent hat, I have analyzed the show and there isn't anything unsuitable for kids in it. Seriously.

I love that there are fabulously talented, interesting and successful women on this show (along with one token male). I think I'm enthralled with the show because their life is SOOOOO much different than mine.

I'm not terribly artistic (crafty home interior projects don't count). I only have one teeny tiny tattoo. I'm a married, thirty-something mom with three kids who lives in IOWA. How funny would it be to do a "Life Swap" with Kat Von D for a day? Assuming the thought of running a needle gun and piercing someone's skin a thousand times a minute didn't gross me out, I think that would be so cool.... I can't imagine Kat enjoying carpool duties, making dinner (manicotti's on the menu for tonight) and bathing the kids and the dog. But it would be funny to watch, wouldn't it?

My mom and my mother-in-law both read my blog. Not to worry, guys. I'm not planning to go get covered in tattoos or move to LA. I just love watching the show. Call it a 'cultural' educational experience if you will.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Tramp Stamp - ROTFLMAO!!! I love it.

I like the show too. I don't watch it religiously but if it happens to be on, I can't tear myself away, for many of the reasons you just illuminated.

One question, why did Kat leave Miami Ink? Was there a falling out or something? I always liked her best on that show...

Monnik said...

G, she didn't get along with Avi (or whatever that dude's name is). It was all pretty dramatic (cough) in a fake, staged kind of way.

krobzoo said...

I just watched LA Ink last night for the first time. Used to watch Miami Ink alot. I think Ami is hot. And the artwork is amazing!

Prairie Chicken said...

I've actually considered getting a tattoo. My problem is-what would it be? I think I've finally come up with it--it would be a sort of logo thing comprising a 6 and a K. Now--where should I put it?

Angie said...

I love the show. I watched Miami Ink when it first started as well as Inked b/c they started at the same time. I lost interest, but LA Ink is really good.
I think Kat is amazingly beautiful as well. Watching her makes me want another tattoo of my daughter's initials down the center of my back in red ink.
I wish I had the bravery to be punk, but I'm pretty much the opposite. Someday, when I'm in my 80s, I'll be punk covered in tattoos.

Monnik said...

DUH, prairie chicken. You have POPEYE muscles. You HAVE to put the tattoo there!!

(Is saying DUH to your mother disrespectful when you're 34?)

Monnik said...

angie, i love the idea of a punk 80 year old. go for it!! :)