Monday, September 17, 2007

Faithless Fans, The Wig Lady, and an Hour of Running

We are faithless fans. And we're paying for it big-time. The Husband and I are both big Iowa State Cyclones fans. I bought TH football season tickets this year for his birthday. It's the first time since we were students that he's had season tickets, so it seemed like a good gift. However, the first two home games were abysmal. They lost to teams that they should have easily beaten. It became apparent that our beloved Cyclones were pretty terrible this year.

The huge intrastate rivalry game was on Saturday. It happens the same weekend every year. In my last post, I explained that we got married on the day of the game - right smack in the middle of the game, in fact. The Iowa Hawkeyes are the Cyclones' arch-rival. The Husband has threatened disowning our children if they profess to be Hawks fans. He's fairly serious about that too! Anyway, we knew that the Hawks (who are a much better team this year) would likely tromp the Cyclones. So, faithless fans that we are, we sold the tickets to my brother (an avid Hawkeyes fan and alumni). He was excited to get the tickets - the new policy this year is that only 4,000 tickets were sold to Iowa fans, and everyone else admitted to the game had to be season ticket holders. So... K was glad to have them.

Until the game started, that is... The Cyclones pulled off a shocking win and made us all mad. TH and I were ticked that my brother was there at the game instead of us, while my brother was mad that he paid $100 to watch his team lose to some serious underdogs. It was just the kind of thing that happens to this particular brother and me. The luck of our Irish ancestors passed us over.

Hollywood had some friends over (including her new boyfriend) for the game. It turned out to be a nice little party - seven teenagers and then The Boy had a friend over too. So the house was hopping with kiddos. Most of them were Hawkeye fans, so it was fun to rub in the loss to them. Boy could those kids EAT, though. They hoovered through bags of chips, packages of cheese and crackers, little smokies, etc. Sheesh!

I have another embarrassing church story to share. Let me set the scene for you here: Our church fills up the pews right away and I didn't want to get stuck sitting in the folding chairs, so we arrived about fifteen minutes early. Before mass starts, people are kneeling and being quiet. Most of them are probably praying, or if they're a heathen like me, they use that time to wonder if they started the right players on their fantasy football team. No music or anything was going on at the time. It was very, very quiet. In the pew directly in front of us sat a woman with a very unnatural shade of bright red hair. Bumblebee piped up in her clear-as-a-bell-and-loud-as-a-fire-alarm voice, "Mommy? Is that lady wearing a wig?"

I sighed and prayed that she was hard of hearing or that she'd assume my kid was talking about someone else. I'd like to think that since we were in the house of God that He fast-tracked my prayer and took it to heart.

Finally, I have to announce that I completed the One Hour Runner program on I am now physically able to run for an entire HOUR without stopping to walk. I run very slow - only got about 5 miles in my first one hour jog - but I can still do it. I am so excited...

Here's another shameless plug for our donation site for the Race for the Cure that Hollywood and I are running on Oct. 6th. If you'd like to donate to help breast cancer research, click here. We're Monica and Briana, for those of you who don't know our names.


krobzoo said...

I figured you were kicking yourselves for selling those tickets! Who woulda thunk?

Travis Erwin said...

Run for an hour? What are you crazy?

Mom In Scrubs said...

The Hawks looked like zombies the first half...JeepMan was so pissed! Yeah, I know he WAS a Cyclone, but I converted him.

Next year, baby, next year....