Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!


The NFL kicks off tonight.

Fall is officially here. Forget Labor Day as the harbinger of Autumn. It's football, baby!

I wasn't a huge football fan until I met The Husband, but over the years I've really gotten interested in it. We're Packers fans around our house, but I also like the Saints this year. I usually pick an AFC team as my backup team, but this year I'm going with another NFC team.

Anyway, Who else is ready for some football??


Travis Erwin said...

Oh yeah I'm ready. The Saints are my team but I do like Brett Favre. Would like to see him have one more good year before he hangs it up. I'm watching now just catching op with my fellow bloggers during halftime.

Manic Mom said...

Here I was thinking, "Oh, I haven't visited Monnik in a while" and when I come over, YOU'RE TALKING FOOTBALL!!!

Hubby played college football five years (he red-shirted his first year, whatever that means!)... I hated football and had to ACT interested in it when we met, and I had to GO TO GAMES. ewwww.

The only way I remembered what position he played was because it's a deodorant:


But, Go Bears. And I think Packers fans hate Bears? I dunno. But it's hubby's b'day on Sunday and when asked what he wanted to do, the answer was: BEARS FOOTBALL!

Swishy said...

I hate NFL season. But I like football. Loooong story.