Friday, September 14, 2007

Anniversary and Preschool

Eleven years ago The Husband and I were married. We got married outside on probably the most gorgeous day of the year. It was also the day of the huge intrastate college football rivalry - the Iowa State Cyclones vs. the Iowa Hawkeyes game. Bad idea. Our guests were pissed. But we brought a tv, and people watched it before, after, and probably during the ceremony, that only lasted about twelve minutes. I was twenty minutes late for the festivities. Long story that involves speeding like crazy with my friend Gaylene driving, and having to buy a new pair of shoes on the drive down. I'm pretty sure TH didn't think I was ditching him. He probably didn't even notice my tardiness since everyone was watching the game on tv.

That's a picture of us cutting the cake. Don't we look sweet? And young? Wow.

We had the most adorable flower girl at our wedding. It was Hollywood. She was almost three years old when we finally tied the knot. Better late than never, right? Here's an adorable picture of her. She looks like Bumblebee does now! (It's a picture of a picture, so the quality isn't great.)

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to us!


Bumblebee started preschool yesterday. She was so excited. We got her a first day of school outfit, a new backpack, and some new shoes. Then we did the first day of school pose outside the front door with the backpack on. Here it is:

I worked from home yesterday so I could take her to school and drop her off. We got her all situated and she met her teacher. I love this preschool because it's an 'integrated preschool' which basically means that it has disabled kids mixed in with developmentally normal kids. There are four kids in her class who are disabled. One is a little girl in a wheelchair who is nonverbal. Three others are autistic kids, with varying function levels. I'm really excited about the opportunity for Bumblebee to interact with these kids. It'll really help teach her about differences in people, and it gives her the opportunity to get to know kids who are different from her.

After school was out, I picked her up and asked her how her first day went. She seemed irritated, and she had a scowl on her pretty little face.

"Mom." She said very seriously. "We didn't paint, we didn't learn to read, and we didn't learn to write."

Wow - the kid had high hopes for her first day of preschool. If she'd had accomplished all of that on the first day, she could move into astrophysics in kindergarten! I explained to her that it will take time, that they will get to those things gradually. (Then I had to explain what gradually means. That's tough - you try explaining that to a four year old!)

She perked up after our conversation. "We did get to sing the Days of the Week song. And we got to read a book!" So apparently it wasn't a bust.


WebGal said...

Wow! I seriously didn't even recognize you guys. At first I thought it was some random picture you found of a wedding. :)

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats! I'm about to have my tenth myself.

Mom In Scrubs said... Where did the time go? Didn't you get proposed to at my wedding in June? I think you told him that if he still meant it when he sobered up you would say yes!

So 11 years from now...will it be Hollywood cutting the cake?

Aargh!! Too scary to think about!

Monnik said...

Nah, he didn't propose that night. We kind of talked about it though, since we'd found out that The Boy was on the way the day before your wedding.

I have the most unromantic proposal story ever. I didn't really get a proposal. Basically, I told TH that since baby #2 was on the way, I really thought that we should get married. He somewhat reluctantly agreed. But he seems ok with his decision 11 years later, so I won't hold that against him. :)

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

We're 9 LONG years this month, and our oldest starts PreK next year. Sounds like we're about a year behind you in life. How's the next year gonna be for me? :)

Andrea said...

Happy anniversary! So how long have you guys actually been together? I'm glad he's still okay with it 11 years later, and you, too! You guys give me hope!

We have an unromantic proposal story, too. Basically, we decided we were ready to try for kids, and the insurance at my work sucks. Hubby's insurance was much better for a great price, so we decided to get married to put me on his insurance. They wouldn't do it otherwise. We've only been married for 2 years, but we've been together for 6.

Swishy said...

Happy anniversary! Bumblebee (and mini-Hollywood) are SUCH cuties!

Monnik said...

Andrea, we've been together for almost 15 years. Gah. Where has the time gone?!

I'm glad to hear of another not so romantic proposal story. :)