Thursday, August 23, 2007

Murphy's Law of Job Seeking, and Other Stuff..

Today I got another call today from someone who wants to set up an interview with me. I haven’t called her back yet because the company is a smallish insurance company and I’m just not loving the idea of working for an insurance company. At first I didn’t think anything could be more boring than banking, but when you compare insurance with banking, I think insurance might win the most mind-numbingly boring industry prize.

Here’s what’s weird: It’s some form of Murphy’s Law… When I was at my last job, I hated it. I wanted out so badly that I got a stomach ache every day I got up and faced going into the office. It was that bad. I spent months and months looking for a new job. I hardly ever got callbacks.

Today, I have a job that I like. Usually. For the most part. A few months ago, I had what I’ll call a ‘valley’ where I didn’t like it. We had a lot of system problems, things got really hectic and stressful, and I had some VPs yelling that we couldn’t keep the websites up. I applied for two jobs outside of Giant Ass Bank (GAB), thinking that I could escape being the messenger who got shot.

I got called in for the interview I had on Tuesday, and today I got a call from the other job I applied for. AND… Remember this post? I got called from a company I didn’t even apply with! What gives?!

Why is it that when you really need a job, they’re impossible to find, but when you don’t really need a new one, interviews fall out of the sky?

Enough about that…

Yesterday I spent the entire day thinking it was Thursday. I was so depressed every time I remembered that it was only Wednesday. Now that it actually is Thursday, I just wish it was Friday.

I’m going out for drinks after work tomorrow because my girl Webgal is leaving the team I work for to go work on a different team, in a completely different division of GAB. This will be fun – it something I rarely get to do because The Husband usually isn’t home to pick Bumblebee up from daycare. But he’s home now and can pick her up, so I’ll actually get to participate in the ritual of sending someone off by getting them schnockered on their last day. I won’t be the one getting schnockered, though, since I get to babysit my nephews tomorrow night. This week is my brother and sis-in-law’s 10th wedding anniversary. They’re going out to dinner without the boys, so that means I get to play with them!!


Bumblebee said something funny last night, but I was an idjit and forgot to write it down. Now I’ll be wracking my brain to remember it. When she said it, I thought to myself, “That’s blogworthy. Write it down.” But I didn’t. All I can remember is that it was a joke. I’ll have to ask her tonight if she remembers it. You know that an original joke from a 4 year old will be funny.

Exciting news… My best pal from way back is in Ethiopia adopting a baby right now. They’re scheduled to bring their new bundle of joy home tomorrow, I believe, but he’s been sick since they’ve been there. I am so excited for them! They have three gorgeous kids and decided that they wanted to have another one, and they chose to adopt from Ethiopia. Tariku was born on April 30th, so he’s a wee little thing! Congratulations to them, and I can’t wait to meet the little guy!


WebGal said...

I'm so honored you're actually going to be at my going away. You know you're going to be the person I miss most on the team. We'll still get together often! Right?! Right!

Monnik said...

Absolutely. We will get together often. Nobody else will go out for sushi with me anyway.

You know that's the only reason I've been hanging out with you all along, right?

Andrea said...

It's kind of like dating - when you're looking for a relationship, finding a good partner sometimes seems nearly impossible, yet once you've found someone you really like, opportunities start coming out of the woodwork! (okay, maybe not THAT severe, but you get my point)

Andrea said...

Did I mention I have several single friends who are always coming to me for relationship advice?

I am not dating, nor have I dated anyone but my husband for 6 years. Just wanted to clarify, especially after the swingers post. :)

Monnik said...

Bwaha. You crack me up, Andrea. :)