Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

**Warning... I had absolutely no time to compose this post. I tried to start it at work, but got interrupted by people who wanted me to do the things I get paid for. (The nerve!) Then I tried it before dinner, but the kids kept whining that they were hungry. (How dare they?) And finally, I finished it after dinner, while The Boy chattered on about his first day of school this year. I finally gave up on smooth transitions and engaging prose. As a result, it's choppy, grammatically erroneous, and generally painful to read. With that said, read on, please...**

- - - - - -

Today was The Boy's first day of fifth grade and Hollywood's first day of eighth grade.

Here are some pictures of them:

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I think the kids were ready to go back. I know I was, not that it changes my schedule that much - if anything it makes it busier. I just like the routine it brings. Hollywood and I both had a hard time sleeping last night. I expect she was having trouble because she was excited about school. I think I just jogged too late in the day. I couldn't fall asleep, and when I did, I kept waking up in between weird dreams.

I dreamed (or is it dreamt? says it can be both. I think I like dreamt better...) Aw screw it.... I had a dream in which I was attending a Keith Urban concert being held in my old junior high auditorium. Some guys in the front row got arrested by security for trying to capture Keith's sweat in the lid of a felt tip pen. Yeah, I have weird dreams. It was hot and humid in our bedroom, so maybe that's where the sweat part of it came in? I know where the felt tip pen part came from. Yesterday, I spent twenty minutes searching Target for the two red checking pens that were on The Boy's school supply list. All I wanted was a red Bic pen. Is that too hard to ask for? I don't think so either! I ended up having to buy those felt tip pens that nobody likes to write with. All because I procrastinated until the day before school started to get supplies. If I'd have known they would be such a hard thing to find at Target, I'd have pilfered two red checking pens from work!

So back to the kids. They were both excited, but claimed not to be this morning. The Boy was ready to go and had his heavy backpack filled with all of his supplies on his back by 7:30. The bus doesn't come until 7:55. After breakfast and pictures and all of that, he was ready to go to the bus stop early so he could horse around with his friends. Hollywood was a bit more reserved, but she spent extra time on her hair and makeup and was irritated that a fresh zit popped up this morning.

Last night she had me paint her fingernails and toenails for her. Black on the fingers, blue on her toes. I always tell her how much I hate the black polish which is probably why it's her favorite. Oh! I almost forgot... We bought her electric guitar yesterday. This is what she spent hours and hours scanning tax return documents at her Grandpa's work for:

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Pretty cool, huh? The eye makeup she's wearing was an 'experiment.' It is WAY too dark. If her father saw her, he'd flip.

Tonight at dinner, Bumblebee picked up a shrimp and stared intently at it. Since the camera was right next to the table at the time, I had her stage a reenactment. Here is the pose:

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As she was looking the shrimp over, she asked, "Did this thing used to crawl around the desert?"

Funny kid.

So, back to the first day of school... I'm surprised at how quickly this summer passed. We had the busiest summer in history with all of our weekend trips and our vacation to New York and Ohio. I'm amazed that June, July and August pass so much quicker than December, January, and February do. Although I'm a bit sad to see the summer months come to an end, I'm excited that the weather will soon cool down (no sign of that today though, ugh); I'm really excited to see football on tv (GO PACKERS!! TH says their Defense will be great this year) ; and I'm happy that another season is on it's way. Because that's what keeps things interesting.


Matt said...

Oh! That's a good lookin' ax you've gotten your daughter. Does she play yet? If she gets into it, she'll be scanning the Internet for guitar tabs soon! You'll have reams of paper covered in lines and numbers before long. It's great stuff!

Also, beware the desert shrimp! :)

Monnik said...

Matt, she does play, she's played the acoustic for a couple of years now. You're right about the guitar tabs! She's constantly on or something similar.

Matt said...

Oh, even better. It's always best to start acoustic.

Jenster said...

Love the pictures! You have gorgeous kids. is Taylor's favorite website of all time. Do you have an amp for the guitar?? Soon it will be more cables and different pedals and, well, the list goes on.

I love your dream. I laughed out loud at the trying to catch his sweat in the pen lids. Funny stuff!!

Cmommy said...

Hi! Your children are beautiful :-)

I've left Keith on my Song List because I like catching that glimpse of him, too! He gave the rockin'est (there's a new word) concert here in June. I've seen him 4x and he's amazing. I'm glad you were able to see this tour! Maybe Hollywood will play in his band or open for him someday.

Let's be mommyfans together, lol!

Monnik said...

Jenster, yep, we got an amp to go with the guitar. She sounds really good! She's been playing some Goo Goo Dolls songs lately.

Chrissy, I think the Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy thing tour was sooooo great. Of course I haven't seen any other shows, but wow can he put on a great show! Hollywood and I were going nuts. :)

Andrea said...

Sinful admission #1 - I love felt-tipped pens.

Sinful admission #2 - I love black nail polish. I don't even own any nowadays because I never get to wear it. Work would not take kindly to me showing up with black fingernails or with grey fingernails from not being able to get all of the black off.