Thursday, July 5, 2007

We're Back!

And, despite the regular hitches that accompany us everywhere we go, we enjoyed ourselves. I'll post more later. Here's my favorite picture of the vacation:

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I'll explain more about the broken down van, the rental car, the sick dog, the camera that went caput, the family cold/flu, the power outage at Ridiculously Expensive Amusement Park, the flute/guitar duet, and all of the fun stuff too...

We really did have a great time. The wedding was awesome, Niagara Falls is really cool, Cedar Point put Adventureland (our local amusement park) to shame, the hotel was awesome, we had no arguments, no fighting, good kids.


mcewen said...

Oooo I'm quite jealous. I have lots of complaints about our holiday. Actually, that's wrong, I only have one complaint about our holiday - 20 days of rain and record breaking floods!

Jenster said...

Great photo!! LOL

Can't wait to hear more. We're thinking of going to Niagara Falls at some point this year.

WebGal said...

Wow...can't wait to hear all about that! I too love that picture!