Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Report

Wow, we had another busy weekend. Went to a small town about an hour west of our place to meet up with FIL, his wife, and Hollywood. While we were there, we saw a great old house for sale. It's dirt cheap, big, gorgeous, has a wrap around covered front porch, a back deck, hardwood floors throughout, gorgeous woodwork, stained glass windows, etc. Of course it needs some work. But did I mention that it was dirt cheap? The town is a nice little town where the kids could grow up and participate in sports and activities. They can do that today too, of course, but our house isn't dirt cheap. We could eliminate almost all of our debt if we sold our house and bought this one. The commute would be longer, unless I found a job in West Des Moines, then it would be similar to my current commute. It's an interesting thought. Here's a picture of the house, but it doesn't really do it justice:

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So we're going to try and get an appointment to see it on Friday. We figure if we like it, we'll put our house up for sale for a few months and see if we can get what we want out of it. If the house doesn't sell... shrug. No big deal. We stay living in the great area we live in today.

Saturday we spent some time at the pool with my nephew and then went over for cake and ice cream for his birthday. It was a fun time. We also spent some time working on the table we're refinishing. That wasn't so fun, because TH and I have very different ideas on how to work on a project. But we didn't get *too* mad at each other...

Yesterday I went and had dinner at my mom's. My grandpa and grandma were there, and it was a nice time. Mom's birthday was Friday, and Grandpa's birthday is today, so we had cake and ice cream to celebrate. And mom made fabulous lasagna and bread, along with sweet corn that Grandpa brought.

My grandma has this little lapdog that is the funniest damn thing you'll ever see. She licks and licks and licks people. It would be kinda gross if she wasn't just the cutest little thing. Bumblebee and The Boy were fighting over who got to have the dog attack them with licks and kisses. It was a great time.

Today is another week at work. Sigh.

Bumblebee turns four a week from today. We're having a party this weekend, so I'm working on getting ready for that. Should be fun! We bought a volleyball net and hope the weather is great so we can have a volleyball tournament. That would be really fun...

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Mom In Scrubs said...

Ahhh, I love dreaming about a new house.

As soon as the puking/spilling/wiping-boogers-on-the-carpet stage is over.

Does it ever really end?