Friday, July 27, 2007

Tell Those Voices to Hit the Road

I got up this morning to run. I normally do a Sun/Tue/Thur schedule, but I slacked off on Tuesday and slept in, so I'm on a Sun/Wed/Fri schedule this week. This morning I got up and put on my running clothes in a fog. I went down to the treadmill and felt like a slug. My warm-up walk was like trekking through quicksand. Or what I imagine that would be like, since I've never actually tried to walk through quicksand.

I was soooo tired, and this was my inner dialog as I started my run:

"C'mon, this is stupid. Why are you doing this to yourself? You should stop."

"Feel that? It's a twinge of pain in your left arch. You should stop."

"It's Friday! Friday's are for fun, not torturing yourself. You should stop."

"Wouldn't it feel better to sit in the sunroom and sip a cup of coffee while listening to the birds chirp? You should stop."

"Don't you feel slow, and fat, and sluggish? You should stop."

I didn't listen to the voices. I kept plodding on, though I was jogging slower than I normally do. Those damn voices didn't stop until after I'd gotten 15 minutes into my run. The last half of my run was enjoyable, but wow. It's annoying when you have to fight yourself to keep going.

This has always happened to me, though it doesn't usually take 15 minutes to get them to shut up. (Ha, ok, 'always' isn't the best word. I've only been a consistent runner since April.) I keep hoping the voices get quieter as I get more experienced with this. I have noticed that some days they are much louder than others.

Today the voices were obnoxious and pushy. But I still ignored them. I almost always can ignore them, so I guess that's good. But wow, why the struggle?

Anyone else have this problem when they work out?


krobzoo said...

No comments.... hmm, is this a sign too many of us don't work out, or that we just don't have voices in our heads? (I don't work out! :)

Mom In Scrubs said...

I LIKE my workout, though it is just abs/butt and some yoga. But I never have to fight the voices.

The voices I have to fight are the MORNING voices:

"Just 1 more snooze..."

"Just one more can just take a quicker shower."

"Just one more snooze, you can catch breakfast at work."

"Just one more snooze, you can forget the shower today...9 out of 10 dermatologists agree it's best to only wash every other day anyway."

"Holy Crap! I'm going to be late to work!!"

I hate mornings.

karen.marree said...

Hopefully, I have this working correctly now.

yes, yes, yes and YES the voices say :)

I really think this running thing is as much mind games as it is physical. Don't feel too bad for giving in to them occasionally though, sometimes we just plain need a rest.