Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pee, Poo, and Barf. All of the ingredients of a revolting blog post.

My poor dog.

She almost died while we were on vacation. Well, that could be an exaggeration. But my BIL and his fiancee had to take her to the vet because she got into the garbage and ate some bad meat and some old chocolate. She was puking and had the trots so bad she was leaving butt prints on the ground. (ew, I know).


She was on medication and special food and was doing great. Until last night.

I got home from work and walked into my house. It reeked! The bathroom smelled like pee (oh the joys of having a son who is a VERY deep sleeper. He gets up int he middle of the night, doesn't check his surroundings, and the rest is very smelly history.) There was also another underlying smell to the house, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I decided to open all of the windows and air the place out.

But first I had to change out of my work clothes. I wasked into my bedroom, taking my shirt off as I walked. Which meant I wasn't looking on my floor. I stepped in a GIANT pile of poo that was the color of chocolate pudding and the consistency of tar. On my bedroom floor! I spent the evening cleaning the poo, scouring the bathroom, and getting those vile smells out of my house. Thought I'd done a decent job and was sitting down when The Boy came upstairs to tell me that Merlin (the Dog) had puked downstairs.

"I think there's BONES in it!" The Boy said. Hmmm. Bones? I haven't cooked a decent meal since before we left on vacation, and I know I have no bones in my house for her to get into. I wondered if maybe she ate a bird. Or the cat. I got downstairs and saw that it wasn't bones, it was mucousy strings. (I know, double ew.) And catfood. Lots and lots of cat food. Which is why she's sick again. Her stomach is still on the tender side from being sick, and apparently couldn't handle half a bucket of catfood. Our cat's food is kept in a closet with a cat door to keep the dog out, but The Boy left the door to the closet open which led Merlin to a feast.

So last night I got to clean up boy pee, dog poo, and dog barf. Not one of my better evenings. And what do you think greeted me when I got up this morning and walked into my newly scrubbed bathroom? Yep, aromatic evidence that The Boy was sleepwalking to the bathroom again last night.


Swishy said...


Oh, yuck, yuck, yuck! I am seriously sitting here making "yucky!!!" noises. You poor thing!

Jenster said...


I'm so sorry for you. Really, really, truly, absolutely sorry for you.

I'm glad the pooch is okay, though.