Thursday, July 26, 2007

'A' is for Amazing Character

I went home at 11 yesterday and slept all afternoon. Thank God Bumblebee likes to take naps. She slept for four hours with me! Then we went to pick Hollywood up from her Grandparents...

So YAY!! Hollywood is home! I missed her and it's awesome to have her back.

Today I'm back in the office and I have a lot of work to do. And I still feel really crappy. As bad as I felt yesterday, if not worse. But enough about 'Poor Me'. That's boring.

I wanted to write some thoughts on my future sis-in-law and how much better of a person she is than me. Seriously, she is just amazing, for more reasons that the story below, but this really demonstrates her character.

'A' and 'J' have been dating for four years. They've been engaged for a long time too, maybe 2 years or something, I can't remember. 'J' is The Husband's brother, the one who just got awarded custody of his kids from his ex-wife. Since the beginning of their relationship, 'A' and 'J' have always kept their kids as their top priority. ('J' has two from his first marriage, 'A' has a son also.) 'A' has been a wonderful step-mom to my niece and nephew and they just adore her.

Throughout this time, they've weathered lots of storms, not the least of which are the antics of J's ex wife. I've already blogged about how unstable she is, she's just really a nutjob if you ask me. Recently she (ex-SIL, who I'll refer to as 'Nutjob' from here on out) dropped a bombshell: She told 'J' that she's moving to Arizona.

'A' called to tell me the news yesterday. Here's where I'm going to reveal some not so nice parts of my own personality. When she told me that Nutjob was planning this move, my first thought was, "Good! That means A and J won't have to deal with her craziness every other weekend, and those kids can get away from her psycho influence almost completely!"

But that wasn't A's viewpoint at all. She was in tears when she told me that the kids will be devastated when they hear the news. She couldn't imagine what they'll think when they learn that their mom is planning on moving across the country. She said she had hoped Nutjob would move closer to the kids, not across the country! A's first thoughts were for the kids. Even though Nutjob's plan (if she goes through with it) will make A's life a zillion times easier, that wasn't a comfort to her at all. She thought only of how this will affect the kids, and how even with her insanities, Nutjob still is their mom, and her leaving will crush them.

Isn't 'A' just an amazing person? I'm so glad those kids have 'A' in their life. And I'm glad she's in mine too.

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Jenster said...

She does sound amazing and very sweet! I think your reaction doesn't make you bad, though. Not at all. It just makes you human! I would think the same thing.