Thursday, July 19, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Swishy, This One's For You

Swishy, what's with your FNL boy's new hairdo and scruffy face? Oh Matt Saracen, what went wrong here?

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I'm not loving it. He doesn't look as innocent, you know, like he's grown up and couldn't be seduced by La Swishy! Well, of course he could be *seduced* by Swishy (who couldn't?!) but, you know, he might not learn as much from the experience as the old Matt would have.


Jenster said...

He looks kinda like a monk!

Swishy said...


My Matty Saracen! I DON'T LIKEY! I will have to seduce him into a haircut and a shave before we go any further.

Oh, but I still love him. I DO!

I can't believe that show didn't get any big Emmy nominations!

Manic Mom said...

Hell, I've been seduced by Swishy!

Who is this guy anyway?

And yes, I'm buzzed...
after all, it IS Friday!