Monday, July 9, 2007

A Different Kind of Complaint About Work

I work for a giant ass bank (GAB). It's one of the most famous banks in the country - it's huge. But I can't tell you what it is because we actually have a blogger section of our employee handbook which states that if we identify ourselves as a worker of GAB we can't defame the company. Or at least I think that's what the policy says. I didn't actually read it.

So, I can't tell you the name of the company, but lots of you know it anyway. Many times I'm proud to work for GAB - they contribute a lot to local and national charities, they have great family friendly policies, they're leaders in promoting diversity, and I have a pretty decent job that pays the bills. Well, most of the bills anyway... But sometimes, like today, I'm disgusted by GAB.

We have a special election in our county tomorrow that is-

**Damn! A mosquito just bit me! Son of a... That hurt!**

Ok, sorry for the interruption. So tomorrow there's this special election for a sales tax increase. They're hyping it up by saying it'll lower property taxes. It sounded good when I was accosted by a clipboard wielding loon in the skywalks during lunch. (Des Moines has a skywalk system downtown so that we can walk inside when it's freezing or sweltering outside. It's supposedly the largest connected skywalk system in the country, or world, or some geographic distinction of some sort. It's pretty cool except when you're badgered to sign a petition by someone who wants to pay more money every time they buy something.) I signed the petition to get the vote on the ballot. Stupid me.

Which reminds me, and sorry for jumping all over the place here... I blame the mosquito that I squashed on my shoulder a few minutes ago for starting the wandering... Did you konw that there isn't any sales tax in Delaware? I learned that on The History Channel's The States program. I want to go shopping there. I wonder if they have any great malls.

Back to GAB and this local option sales tax bullshit. I didn't give it a lot of thought until The Husband forced me to listen to a local conservative talk show that he listens to. You know the kind of show, some right wing blowhard who jabbers on and on about gun control and immigration and about how horrible it was that Clinton told some lies while he was president. They're still using that material! (Man, TH is not going to like me ripping on his program like this. So I'll stop, but you get the point. It's a conservative talk show. I probably could have left it at that.) I usually avoid the show like the plague, but was sequestered in a car with TH and had to listen to the program. He was driving, and we have sort of a rule that driver gets to pick out the radio stations. (This is probably why I drive so often, but again, I'm veering off onto another topic so I will try my hardest to focus on the point of this post.)

So, the guy on this show outlined some facts, and did a good job of convincing me that more taxes is not a good thing, and ultimately an increase in sales tax puts most of the burden on the poorest people who can't afford to take a hit on their necessary purchases. I'm not one to be swayed by right-wing talk show arrogants, though, so I did my own research and concluded for myself that even if this project did lower my property taxes, it would not lower them enough to counteract the increase I'll be spending on sales tax. Additionally, I found out that only 33 cents for every dollar collected will go to decrease property taxes. So yeah, basically it's a bad idea.

Where does my GAB come in? Well, they're sponsoring the project. Presumably they'll get big kick-backs and tax decreases if it passes. I guess I don't have a problem with them backing the project - that's freedom for you. But what I do have a problem is with the fact that one of the 455 emails I read today was from my lovely employer sent to all of the local Des Moines area workers, telling us to go out and vote YES for this tax increase. What are they going to do next - tell us to vote for Guiliani? Please! And another of those 455 emails was from GAB encouraging people who weren't registered to vote, to go register before the cutoff date so they could vote YES to this tax hike. What the hell? Doesn't that sound unethical? It sure as hell irritates the crap out of me... Here's a very PC workplace, we can't even mutter anything that would be a possible offense to someone in some way, and yet they can tell us all how to vote in an election? Not cool. It would be one thing if they sent out information on the election and said to vote. But the email actually said to vote YES for this exciting project! (Yeah, a tax hike is a project.)

So I guess my point of this rambling post is that I find it very offensive that my company sent me an email telling me how to vote on this issue. I fully intend to send a complaint to someone, somewhere in the company. I'm sure that will matter to at least one of the 150,000 employees of GAB.



Manic Mom said...

I was just cracking up at the mosquito interruption!

How'd the sleepover go? How far away do your in-laws live? I would be mad too!

Monnik said...

Haven't heard, but I'm sure it went fine. I was being my usual overprotective mom self for freaking out about it, but that's how I work. :)

Jenster said...

Those of us who are fairly close to Delaware make liquor runs down there so we don't have to pay taxes on our wine.

Should I have kept that little fact to myself, I wonder?