Friday, June 1, 2007

What I've Been Reading Lately

I hesitated to write a post today, because then my picture of Taylor Kitsch would fall 'below the fold' on the screen. Maybe I'll set that as my wallpaper on my work laptop, which I am surgically attached to lately, so I could see it all the time...

Anyway, wanted to write a mini book review about a book I recently read called The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. My mom gave this book to my SIL for Christmas and she let me borrow it. The setting is eerie - an all girls school in upstate New York (I think it was New York...) sitting on a huge and deep lake. The plot is full of darkness - teenage suicide, incest, a dead baby, and people drowning in a lake. Not my typical read, that's for sure - it was very suspenseful and I felt like someone was going to pop out of my closet and butcher me at times when I was reading at 1 a.m. with The Husband out of town. But it was written well, and a definite page turner. I was irritated because I figured out the 'twist' early in the story, which made the ending fall a bit flat for me. But I think that people less sleuthy than I would really enjoy the ending. I hate when I do that - it happens to me while watching movies too. I really should try to think less. The most fascinating part of the book was when it described how lakes ice over, and what the water does before it freezes. Very cool. Anyway, good read, if you don't shy away from the dark topics that I mentioned earlier.

Hmmm. What else have I been reading? I'm still plugging away at Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and am enjoying it a lot lately. The antagonist is my favorite character, though, but I often identify with the 'wrong' characters in books, so that's normal.

I'm listening to The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy. I love her writing. It's easy reading, lots of characters with decent development, just good, enjoyable stuff. Plus it's always set in Ireland, and I love the descriptive passages about Ireland that she sprinkles throughout her books. I listen to books on my commute into work, and while I'm doing housework. I remember my mom doing this as a child. She'd have a book playing while folding laundry, cooking dinner, whatever. It's a great idea - kind of an enjoyable multi-tasking!

I'm due to read another memoir or non fiction book, so if anyone has any good ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Update on work: it still sucks. Our database is still not working properly. I will likely have to work this weekend, again. I am looking forward to my vacation in twenty seven days. Then I get to be away from work for a week and a half.

The Boy is an official fifth grader, and Hollywood is no longer a 'sevvie'. How is it that I can have an 8th grade daughter? God, I hated 8th grade. That was likely the worst year ever. Hollywood seems to be enjoying every minute of junior high, though. She had a pool party (at a boy's house, that was a first) last night to celebrate the end of the school year. The Boy wanted to audition for Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader last night, they had an audition at the Mall in Des Moines and his friend was going, but I just couldn't work it into the schedule. He is the sweetest kid ever. He was disappointed, but shrugged and said, "Ok mom. I hope Michael gets to go on the show." How great is that? He didn't even give me a 'that's not fair!' or 'you're so mean!'

Anyway, I should end this post now. I have my 1:1 meeting with my boss in five minutes and I intend to give her an earful about how things have been lately.

Happy Friday!!


Swishy said...

Oh, I love Maeve Binchy, too!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Well I guess I need to read some Maeve Binchy. If you want to read a nice no-brainer with great writing and a decent plot, you should read "Metro Girl" by Janet Evanovich. I swear some of her writing reads like yours! At some point I remember she wrote: "Holy Cow! Did I just think that?" So you.

And for a nonfiction/memoir, I would encourage you to read " 'Tis," then "Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt. Much less dark than Angela's Ashes, but just as great!

krobzoo said...

Well, as you know I don't read. Want to, but can't find the time to get started. Once I am started I am good.
AND I never figure out the 'twist'. Gary always does too, like in movies. And I am sitting there confused as hell and then blown away at the end.

Sorry work sucks for you. If you need anything let me know.