Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Terrifying Testimony

Holy crap. I am totally freaking out right now. Must take deep breaths. Must relax.

My brother-in-law asked if I'd testify at his custody case and I agreed. His ex-wife is a nutjob and I'll do anything to get the kids out of there and into his stable home.

The problem? I thought I'd be doing this tomorrow. I was going to be prepared. I was going to stay up late watching Court TV to find the perfect composed expression to wear. I was going to read some John Grisham to give me inspiration for the perfect comebacks to tough questions thrown at me by her lawyer. I was going to come in there wearing a great Ally McBeal suit, even though I'm not the lawyer here. I was going to be the best damn character reference there ever was!

But it got moved up to today! The judge wants J's testimony today, instead of the original schedule where we were going to do this tomorrow.

No time to prepare. No cute suit. In fact, I'm wearing a plain skirt and white top with fairly boring black sandals. Though I did do a pretty little French pedicure on my toenails last night, and they are looking fabulous. And that's important, you know, because I'm sure the judge will give J the kids because of how great my toes look.

Sigh. In all seriousness, this is important. The kids deserve the stability that my brother-in-law will give them. They've moved around a lot (in with a lot of temporary boyfriends of my ex-SIL), and their mom is flaky at best. I hope whatever my role is in this, that it helps out my neice and nephew. They deserve to be in their dad's home permanently. He's by far the best choice, and I'm not saying that only because he's our side of the family. It's just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I swear to God.


Travis Erwin said...

Hope things out for the kids. My wife served on as a juror recently and after the jury awarded the dad custody she had several scary run ins with the woman who lost her kids. These cases are always tough and emotional.

WebGal said...

So it probably wouldn't be appropriate to yell, "You can't handle the truth!"

Sorry. I just had to.

Good luck. I know you'll do great.

Monnik said...

Yikes, travis! That's kind of scary... My ex-SIL is psycho enough that I am worried about what could happen.

And webgal... I love your sense of humor. We're like peas and carrots. :)

Swishy said...

Oh, I did that for my friend, and her ex got up in my face in the grocery store months later, screaming at me to get out of HIS store. The whole thing was insane. Hope it went well!

Mom In Scrubs said...

You are doing the right thing, as you know. Kids should have as stable a home as possible - just look how they turn out if they don't (case in point-JeepMan).

Court in Iowa isn't as glamourous as Ally McBeal, I think you will find. When Cory had to go to "court" it wasn't even a courtroom, just an office-type room with a long table.

Unfortunately I imagine that no one will see your toes - sigh.

Since when do you touch toes, anyhow? I thought you hated feet!

krobzoo said...

Hey, and I want to know how to give myself a french pedicure. I get bored with just plain old red, pink, etc.

How long until they rule on the case? I remember a number of bad stories about that woman. What a mess. Poor kiddos.

Monnik said...

J, I'll have to show you on the french pedicure. It's easy...

Still no news on the verdict. My crazy ex-SIL got up there and dug herself a huge hole by lying about an OWI she got in December. She's telling the judge that it was identity fraud, even though she pled guilty to it. They're subpoenaing the court appointed lawyer who represented her when she pled guilty. I still don't see why any of that is relevant, unless the judge for this custody case is going to throw the book at her for perjury.

Could still be another week before they hear the outcome of it, but I will be SHOCKED if my BIL doesn't get the kids.