Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oozing Infected Grossness

How's that for a great title?

Two of my three children have some sort of infected grossness on them. Bumblebee got a scrape on her elbow that got infected and is now the size of a quarter, oozy, with a pinkish red, angry looking ring. The good news is that it's getting better (I think) but it's in a bad spot and she complains about it constantly.

Hollywood got poison something-or-other (ivy, oak, whatever...) the other day. The rash started off as popcorn seed sized blisters and are now dime sized, festering, oozy, and just plain nasty. When I look up impetigo on, it's an exact description of what's going on. Which means I get to take some more time off work and haul her to the doctor's office to treat the nastiness.

She's mad at me because she wanted to go boating with a friend tonight, but I didn't think that swimming in a lake known for it's high bacteria levels was a good idea when she already looked like a leper. I promised to call the nurse to get her opinion on it, but after looking at the impetigo description online, I'm fairly certain that the nurse won't think adding more bacteria to the mess is a good idea. So Hollywood will pout tonight because she can't boat with her friend.

I'm pretty embarrassed that I couldn't keep my kids' wounds safe from bacterial germs, even with my Bacitracin obsession. And then when I read that impetigo is a form of staph infection, I worry that Hollywood caught this because I went a few extra days longer than I should have before cleaning the bathroom. I mean, it wasn't totally gross and nasty, but it needed cleaned, you know?

Anyway, this has been a lovely post, I know. You're welcome.


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Jenster said...

Poor little ones!! I had impetigo when I was 18! I think you're smart in not letting her go. Not only could you make her infection worse, it's also very contageous.

OH! BTW - I tagged you for a meme. :o)

Mom In Scrubs said...

Kids are walking petri dishes. It's amazing they don't rot before they are ten.

The ring around the sore on Bumblebee - couldn't be a tick or spider bite could it? Don't want to worry you but Lyme disease is preventable with timely antibiotics! ( I know, I've been treated).

That's the nurse in me coming out. I always consider the worst.

Monnik said...

Well, I should be a doctor. I correctly diagnosed it - Hollywood has impetigo and a strong Rx for antibiotics. (She's never had any kind of antibiotic in her life, but I knew the streak had to end at some point.)

I know it wasn't a bug bite on Bumblebee - it was a scrape on her elbow from falling off her bike. But it is nasty looking and the doctor who saw Hollywood said that if it spreads at all to bring her in too.

Prairie Chicken said...

Impetigo is hard to clean up. We had it for months one summer--every mosquito bite, every scratch, every itch. I hope they hav a better treatment for it now than topical antibacterial ointment. It doesn't go away unless you stop scratching it. Don't let bumblebee get it in her scrape!