Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

Damn, I can't figure out how to backdate this to make it look like I posted this on Sunday... :)

So I didn't get around to writing a quick Father's Day post, but I'm going to do it now. Three days late. Story of my life.

To The Husband:

Our children adore you. It's always been amazing watching you with them - I remember seeing you with Hollywood when she was a tiny baby. How young you were! But you were great with her. You have made some significant changes in your life over the past few years and I'm so very proud of you for what you've done. Those changes have made you a more involved parent, and I love seeing our children light up during endless games of catch and Candyland. And watching you take Hollywood out for her first drive? Priceless. I love you, and thanks for being the father you are to our kids.

As a side note, I was talking to Bumblebee this morning about our upcoming vacation. During part of the vacation we are staying at this cool lodge that has an indoor waterpark. I told Bumblebee that we'd even get Daddy to come play in the water with us. She clasped her hands together and giggled with glee. "Daddy's going to swim with us?! YAY!!" She cried.

To Dad:

I'm glad I got to talk to you on Father's Day. Even though you live only 45 minutes away, I don't feel like I get to talk to you very often. I have funny memories of you - the times you would take your glass eye out and show it to my friends (thirteen year old girls are not keen on seeing glass eyes!). And then there are the disturbing memories, like when you nominated me president for the itty-bitty-titty-comittee. (I'm happy to say that I'm no longer eligible for membership.) But I won't go further down that road... It was good to hear you talking about taking care of your health and doing weight watchers. I'm glad you're taking this seriously - I want you to be around for many years to come! I'm so excited for your wedding - seeing you with MJ is amazing. I'm glad you've found each other. I know you have your ups and downs still, but it's wonderful that you've found someone who can share your life with you. Happy Father's Day to you!

This would have been a much more cohesive post if I had more than ten minutes to write it. But I'm off to take Hollywood in for her leprosy.


Mom In Scrubs said...

What a lovely post.

And I remember your dad dropping his eye into my surprised hand the first time he met me. I think he liked me right away because I didn't even flinch, just said, "Cool!"

Rodrigo said...

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Mom In Scrubs said...

Okay, my espanol is rusty, but I think Rodrigo is trying to sell you a personalized T-shirt...

Monnik said...

I believe Rodrigo is soliciting me in Portuguese. At least that's what my visit to Babelfish suggested.