Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For the Love of Royalty...

GOOD GRIEF!! Why do we care what Princess Di's favorite dessert recipes were?! There's a hyped up article about it here on the Today Show area of Seriously. This is beyond pathetic. And yet I added to the article's visit count by clicking on it. She's been dead for ten years, but even when she was alive, the American obsession with her never made sense to me. I'm a junkie, I'll admit it, celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure, but seriously, let the poor princess rest in peace, for crying out loud.

Clearly, the bad mood has not yet passed.

On Bitchiness...

I am a great big ball of nerves right now. My poor friend webgal just hit the jackpot - she was given the huge honor of listening to me rant about all of the things I'm stressed out about...

Mostly it's the fact that I'm due to take a ten day vacation with my family, and I've been um... how can I put it delicately? Well, I won't put it delicately. I'll just throw it out there and tell it like it is. I've been a total bitch lately. I figure it's about 70% hormonal and 30% personality. As usual, my poor husband takes the brunt of much of this bitchiness.

I need to relax, take a deep breath, do yoga, or something. Although the last time I did yoga, we had just shampooed the carpets and they were still a tiny bit damp, and they smelled like dog pee. How gross is that?! I was supposed to be relaxing with this balasana (child's pose):

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Instead was whiffing dog pee. Not very relaxing. Stupid Dog.

Anyway, I know I'm stressed out at work, and getting things in order so that I can leave on vacation almost negates any benefit of being away from this place. I should be happy that I'm getting away from work for a while. I should be excited to spend the week with my family. And I will be... Once the hormone levels stabilize and I am safely away from the office. But for now, I'm a ball of nerves stressing out about all of the things I need to pack, the fact that I'm going to be locked in a car with my family for fifteen hours straight, the fact that Hollywood and I are supposed to perform at this wedding and we still suck at the song because we haven't practiced enough, the fact that this vacation is going to cost an arm and a leg, and possibly a torso, and so on. The list goes on, but I'm too tired and cranky to write any more stresses.

I've snapped at my husband and my kids the past few days. That's wrong, and I wish I could control it better. I'm trying to reduce the stress in my life by exercising and eating better, but I still have my moments of extreme stress and crabbiness.

I pray that this mood passes before we all get into the van together tomorrow. Because I will likely have to bite my tongue clean off to avoid saying something I shouldn't if I'm still feeling like this.

Does anyone else get these mood swings? I feel like my entire body is clenched in a fist and I just want to explode. It's not a good feeling. Maybe sushi would fix it... Oh, Webgal... how does the shoe store AND sushi sound for lunch? :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Days To Go...

I can tell this is going to be another rambly post. So don't say I didn't warn you...

I'm starting to freak out. We're leaving on vacation in TWO days. There is still so much to do. Laundry, housework, packing, arrangements, buying wedding gifts, coordinating things with my brothers, etc. This weekend I took the kids to the library and we checked out about a gazillion items - books and CDs for the kids, and those books with cassette tapes for Bumblebee. We didn't have a portable tape player, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a walkman for $5. FIVE BUCKS! Amazing how old technology drops in price. Anyway, I've got a mini medicine cabinet packed and ready, a snack container packed, toys for the kids, pool toys, coloring toys, DVDs, the DVD player, blah, blah, blah. I wonder if it will all fit in the van.

We're driving to Buffalo. It's 830 miles from here, according to google, and will likely take 14-15 hours. We're driving straight through on the way there, and are breaking up the trip on the way back. My Dad is getting married there - his fiancee is from Buffalo and her kids live there. I'm excited to meet them and am looking forward to the wedding. We're headed to Niagara Falls after the wedding, then we're off to Canton, OH to go to the NFL Hall of Fame, and we're wrapping up our trip by staying for a few days at a Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH - they have an indoor water park and fun stuff for the kids, so that part will be really cool. Then we drive home and go to TH's hometown for his brother's rehearsal dinner and wedding next weekend. Busy, busy...

So those of you who know me are probably sick of me yapping about my running program, but I have to talk some more about it. I'm doing the "Couch to 5K" training program from You can check the program out here. I'm on week seven out of nine. I had to repeat weeks when I didn't feel like I could comfortably go to the next week, and I took a week off once. So I've been doing this for longer than seven weeks, but you get the point. What amazes me is that I can run solid 25 minutes now. I've started to get up EARLY to do the running too, which is very out of character for me. Incredibly, last night, I found myself looking forward to my morning run!

I listen to books on CD during my commute into work. The book I'm 'reading' now is amazing. So amazing that I missed my exit off the interstate TWICE last week (and one day I actually missed two exits and had to turn around ten miles down the road!) because I was so intently listening to the book, I wasn't watching where I was going. Yeah, I know... that's kind of scary... Anyway, I started uploading 40 minutes of the book on tape that I'm listening to for my morning run, and it makes the run even more enjoyable. Good stuff. Oh, and the book I'm reading is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Amazing, awesome, can't say enough about it. I'll write a book review for it if I think about it later.

So I've been running, yay me. But I've also been eating junk. Boo. I still throw the healthy stuff in there - like veggies, and those delectable sweet cherries that are in season right now. But, I've fallen off my weight watchers plan. I've gained 1.5 pounds in a month, instead of losing. Don't tell me it's muscle. I know it's not. It's fat. I've eaten more calories than I've burned. You'd think that jogging would help you lose weight, right? Well, not when you eat more calories to make up for it. I really need to get out of that 'Well, I jogged 2.5 miles this morning, so I can eat a cheeseburger for lunch' mentality. So I really need to turn this around. But on our trip, we'll be eating out every single meal. My challenge is to eat as healthily as I can while away, to get at least two runs in somehow, and get back into the weight watchers saddle when I return. We'll see how successful I am at that...

Hollywood got mouthy last night and lost her cell phone. I was dumb and forgot to turn the damned thing off when I went to bed, and I'd stashed it on my side table. The stupid thing rang at 10 p.m. as I was trying to fall asleep, and her ringer was LOUD!

The Boy was up at 6 a.m. this morning. He was up and playing with his Bionicles when I got out of the shower. "What are you doing up? It's 6 a.m.?!" I asked him. He shrugged and said he wasn't tired anymore. He asked what I thought he should make with his Bionicles and I said a spider. He thought that sounded like a good idea and started on making one. By the time I left for work at 6:30, he had a pretty cool looking monster/spider underway.

Bumblebee has been going through a 'naughty' phase. She is really testing the limits lately. Things like ignoring me when I tell her not to do something, making me say it two or three times before she'll listen... And then she'll look at me in defiance and do whatever it was I told her not to do. She's been spending a lot of time in her bedroom lately. She's got this little manipulation thing down pat, though. She'll know she's in trouble, and she'll cry or pout, and then she'll look at me with huge, solemn eyes and ask, "Do you still love me?" The first time she did that it was like a dagger to the heart, but now she's milked it for all it's worth, and it doesn't even make me bat an eye. "Yes, Bumblebee. I will always love you. But you need to behave."

I have so much to do for work, and yet here I sit, writing a post to my blog. That's just plain stupidity, and procrastination. I will pay the price for it, I'm sure.

I told my boss that I'm not bringing my laptop with me on vacation, and I will not answer any pages that are sent to my phone. And I mean it! I'm going to take ELEVEN days away from this place!!

And I guess, since I'm on that train of thought right now anyway, I should begin work for the day. After all, I've been in the office for an hour and a half already and haven't done much more than read a few blogs, and answer a few emails...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monica Seles, I am not!

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I may share her name, but wow. I don't share her tennis skills. Or the grunting. Holy buckets! Check out her leg muscles. WOWZA!

Hollywood and I went to play tennis last night. I was begging one of my children to do some sort of physical activity with me. The Boy didn't want to do Tae Bo, Hollywood didn't want to do Yoga, and Bumblebee was jumping on the trampoline at the next door neighbor's house. The Husband was parked on the couch - I knew better than to ask him...

Finally, I got Hollywood to agree to play tennis with me. We drove seven miles to a town almost as tiny as our town. It has a cute little city park with a tennis court. We got to the court, and that's when it started.

"Ok. So do you know how to keep score?" I asked Hollywood.

"Not really." She said.

"Well, here's how it goes..." I began. And then my brain froze. I remembered the numbers 15, 30, 40, or was it 45, and something about love. What the hell? I thought. Why can't they use consecutive, regular numbers in tennis?

"Uh, you start with zero, zero?" I said unconvinced. "And I think love means zero..." But I really wasn't sure. My brothers play tennis. They go all the time to play tennis. They're quite good at it, I think. But I haven't played tennis since high school gym class. Unless you count smacking a ball against the garage door and volleying with yourself. God, our neighbors must have hated living by us when we were growing up! And I do like to watch tennis, or at least I did years and years ago. Back when Andre Agassi was hot because he had long hair...

Hollywood piped up, "Isn't there something about an ace?"

Hmm. I thought so, but wasn't sure.

We decided that keeping score wasn't important. So I started by getting behind the serve line and explaining where the ball should land on the serve. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I can't serve very well, and it turns out that Hollywood, while a natural athlete, is not great at tennis. She couldn't return my bad serves.

We decided that like keeping score, actually serving the ball wasn't important. We just wanted to softly volley the ball back and forth until we got a rhythm going and THEN we'd concentrate on the rules of tennis.

"Let's try to get the ball back and forth five times." I suggested.

It took us half an hour to get to this lofty goal. In the meantime, some creepy looking dudes in a rusted out old beast of a car kept circling the park watching us. That was a bit unsettling, but not the reason it took us half an our to hit the ball back and forth between us five times. And I'm not talking about five complete back and forth volleys. I'm talking about this pattern: Hollywood hits the ball, I return it, she returns it, I return it, and then she returns it. THAT'S our five times that we shot for. And that took us half an hour to achieve. I think we even let the ball bounce twice if it needed to before we could get to it. That's how pathetic we were.

We decided to try for six. We never got to six, and we tried for another half an hour. I think we achieved five a couple of times, but never the coveted six. Hollywood was incensed. She's not used to being bad at a sport like I am. I thought it was fun, but she just kept getting mad that we sucked so bad.

I hope she keeps playing with me so that we can get better. Maybe by the end of the summer we can be up to a 10 return series... I can dream, right?!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

Damn, I can't figure out how to backdate this to make it look like I posted this on Sunday... :)

So I didn't get around to writing a quick Father's Day post, but I'm going to do it now. Three days late. Story of my life.

To The Husband:

Our children adore you. It's always been amazing watching you with them - I remember seeing you with Hollywood when she was a tiny baby. How young you were! But you were great with her. You have made some significant changes in your life over the past few years and I'm so very proud of you for what you've done. Those changes have made you a more involved parent, and I love seeing our children light up during endless games of catch and Candyland. And watching you take Hollywood out for her first drive? Priceless. I love you, and thanks for being the father you are to our kids.

As a side note, I was talking to Bumblebee this morning about our upcoming vacation. During part of the vacation we are staying at this cool lodge that has an indoor waterpark. I told Bumblebee that we'd even get Daddy to come play in the water with us. She clasped her hands together and giggled with glee. "Daddy's going to swim with us?! YAY!!" She cried.

To Dad:

I'm glad I got to talk to you on Father's Day. Even though you live only 45 minutes away, I don't feel like I get to talk to you very often. I have funny memories of you - the times you would take your glass eye out and show it to my friends (thirteen year old girls are not keen on seeing glass eyes!). And then there are the disturbing memories, like when you nominated me president for the itty-bitty-titty-comittee. (I'm happy to say that I'm no longer eligible for membership.) But I won't go further down that road... It was good to hear you talking about taking care of your health and doing weight watchers. I'm glad you're taking this seriously - I want you to be around for many years to come! I'm so excited for your wedding - seeing you with MJ is amazing. I'm glad you've found each other. I know you have your ups and downs still, but it's wonderful that you've found someone who can share your life with you. Happy Father's Day to you!

This would have been a much more cohesive post if I had more than ten minutes to write it. But I'm off to take Hollywood in for her leprosy.

Oozing Infected Grossness

How's that for a great title?

Two of my three children have some sort of infected grossness on them. Bumblebee got a scrape on her elbow that got infected and is now the size of a quarter, oozy, with a pinkish red, angry looking ring. The good news is that it's getting better (I think) but it's in a bad spot and she complains about it constantly.

Hollywood got poison something-or-other (ivy, oak, whatever...) the other day. The rash started off as popcorn seed sized blisters and are now dime sized, festering, oozy, and just plain nasty. When I look up impetigo on, it's an exact description of what's going on. Which means I get to take some more time off work and haul her to the doctor's office to treat the nastiness.

She's mad at me because she wanted to go boating with a friend tonight, but I didn't think that swimming in a lake known for it's high bacteria levels was a good idea when she already looked like a leper. I promised to call the nurse to get her opinion on it, but after looking at the impetigo description online, I'm fairly certain that the nurse won't think adding more bacteria to the mess is a good idea. So Hollywood will pout tonight because she can't boat with her friend.

I'm pretty embarrassed that I couldn't keep my kids' wounds safe from bacterial germs, even with my Bacitracin obsession. And then when I read that impetigo is a form of staph infection, I worry that Hollywood caught this because I went a few extra days longer than I should have before cleaning the bathroom. I mean, it wasn't totally gross and nasty, but it needed cleaned, you know?

Anyway, this has been a lovely post, I know. You're welcome.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Downtown Sign

We took the family out to our favorite downtown restaurant this weekend. While we were driving around town, we saw a sign outside of a nightclub that said 'Amateur Dance Contest - Wed. Night. Win a FREE BOOB JOB!"

I tried to get The Husband to see it without the kids noticing. Yeah, that didn't work. They saw it. I only hope they didn't hear me say that I'd like to win that contest. That might scar them for life. What?! I would love a perky new set of bazoombas! What's so wrong with that?!

Only in America, folks...

No Mini-Mes for Me

Well, I did it. I broke down and got Hollywood a cell phone. I swore I'd wait until she was driving, but the convenience-factor and the fact that she's spending three weeks (3 WEEKS!!!) at her grandpa's house in Nebraska this summer forced me to bite the bullet and get a phone.

It seems kind of like a rite of passage of some sort. I mean, I know a lot of crazy parents get their young kids cell phones, but to me it seems like such a grownup thing to have! But with all of her softball practices, games, and other activities going on, I really did need a way to get in touch with her.

It's really just another reminder of how she's turning into a young lady. Lately I've found myself drifting into a reverie when I watch doing her normal things. When she plays softball, interacts with her friends, plays with her sister, and the rare occasion when she helps her brother with something - my mind drifts into thoughts on how she is just really growing into a wonderful person. I'm amazed because she's so much her own being. I'm not sure what I expected having children would be like, but maybe I thought my kids would be mini-mes or mini-THs. They aren't - it's amazing! They're totally their own people, and Hollywood shows me each day how amazing she's turning out. I'd like to take credit for it, but Hollywood has had her own personality and will since she was about 3 weeks old, so it's all her!

Anyway, this probably shouldn't be so astonishing to me. But I do find myself stopping and thinking how great she is every once in a while. And then she mouths off to me and we're back to the 'normal' mother-daughter feelings.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Attention Getters

I'm sitting here trying to write a bit at the computer. Bumblebee is vying for my attention by asking me all of these random questions. Sometimes I would like just a half an hour of peace and quiet to spend my own way, but today these questions are so amusing that I decided to hang up the serious writing exercise and create a blog post about these attention-getters. Here's a sample:

B: Do you like coconuts?

Me: Yeah.

B: When was the last time you had one?

Me: A few months ago at a boy scout luau.

B: Have you ever been in a jungle?

Me: no.

B: Coconuts come from the jungle, right?

Me: Um... maybe.

B: Is your brain a boy or a girl?

Me: Definitely a girl.

B: Mine's a girl too. Mine is Rainbow striped. What color is your brain?

Me: purple. But I wish it were rainbow striped like yours. That's cool!

B: Do you like cotton candy?

Me: Who doesn't?!

B: My cousin Rachel lives far away doesn't she?

Me: Yeah, she lives about an hour and a half from here.

B: (humming one long note) Know how I do this? I put my teeth like this and go: (hums some more) and then I do this: (more humming) See how I do it?

Me: Yes, I see how you do that. Cool trick.

And that's my Sunday morning with Bumblebee. Gotta love her randomness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Uncle Bob

TH's Uncle Bob passed away this weekend from leukemia. It's been a sad week, but I'm amazed because Bob had so many friends and the support from them has been just astounding. He will be missed, but we're glad he's at peace.

Terrifying Testimony

Holy crap. I am totally freaking out right now. Must take deep breaths. Must relax.

My brother-in-law asked if I'd testify at his custody case and I agreed. His ex-wife is a nutjob and I'll do anything to get the kids out of there and into his stable home.

The problem? I thought I'd be doing this tomorrow. I was going to be prepared. I was going to stay up late watching Court TV to find the perfect composed expression to wear. I was going to read some John Grisham to give me inspiration for the perfect comebacks to tough questions thrown at me by her lawyer. I was going to come in there wearing a great Ally McBeal suit, even though I'm not the lawyer here. I was going to be the best damn character reference there ever was!

But it got moved up to today! The judge wants J's testimony today, instead of the original schedule where we were going to do this tomorrow.

No time to prepare. No cute suit. In fact, I'm wearing a plain skirt and white top with fairly boring black sandals. Though I did do a pretty little French pedicure on my toenails last night, and they are looking fabulous. And that's important, you know, because I'm sure the judge will give J the kids because of how great my toes look.

Sigh. In all seriousness, this is important. The kids deserve the stability that my brother-in-law will give them. They've moved around a lot (in with a lot of temporary boyfriends of my ex-SIL), and their mom is flaky at best. I hope whatever my role is in this, that it helps out my neice and nephew. They deserve to be in their dad's home permanently. He's by far the best choice, and I'm not saying that only because he's our side of the family. It's just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I swear to God.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stage Fright

My dad is getting married on June 30th. He asked me to play the flute in his wedding. It's a sweet gesture, you know, his belief that I could still actually play the flute. He gives me more credit than I deserve. Seriously. Does he remember that I was second to last chair in band? Does he know that I sucked at playing the flute and only stayed in band for the trip to Mexico my junior year? Being the chicken that I am, I suggested (threatened, coerced, bribed) that Hollywood do a duet with me. We agreed to this a while ago, and I have procrastinated long enough. I finally did some searching for a good song and suggested that we do the song "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascall Flatts. It's a beautiful song, and totally fitting of a second marriage for both bride and groom.

The problem? We haven't practiced. I'm ordering the sheet music today. Can't find one specifically for a flute duet, so either we'll improvise and make our own duet, or Hollywood might play her guitar while I do the melody on the flute. GULP. I'd hoped to play the secondary part and let her be in the limelight, since she's been playing the flute for three years, and I haven't played since I was seventeen. Yeah, that means I'm seventeen years out of practice. (Hey, it can't be that many years, can it? That is so uncool!) Her guitar is way cooler than the flute anyway, so hopefully she'll play it loud and it'll carry the song.

It's a casual wedding, an outdoor shindig with a picnic afterwards. If I screw up, nobody will care, but still... I haven't played my flute in a gazillion years, and I'm freaked out. At least nobody's making me sing, right?

Monday, June 4, 2007


I went to a wedding and saw my grandparents this weekend. Here's a picture of them. At first I was disappointed in the picture. They were dancing, and turned just as the flash went off. But after looking at it for a while, I decided I like the picture. It looks like Grandpa is whispering something to Grandma.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They've been married for 62 years and are in their mid eighties. My grandpa is very thin and frail looking, and I'm told he has days where he's confused and disoriented. He wasn't confused on Saturday, it must have been a good day for him.

They recently moved to a townhome in an independent living community. This has been sad, because we all have so many memories of them in the house they just moved out of. Here are some of my memories of that place:

  • They planted a tree when each of their children got married. My dad used to point out the one that's 'his.'
  • Their house has this wonderful, distinct smell. I love when they send me things, because it smells like them.
  • The basement used to be a huge mess. We were rarely allowed to go down there. When we did, it was amazing. Stacks and stacks of papers, blueprints (Grandpa was an architecht), wooden toys, and all sorts of other things.
  • They had one of those fifties plastic molded chairs with rockers on it. My brothers and I would rush into the living room to fight over who got to sit in that chair.
  • Grandma played the organ, and would sometimes let us play the one in the living room.
  • We played cards a lot. Grandpa taught us all how to play cribbage. We also played a fun game called Hand and Foot or something like that. I remember being a teenager and being allowed to play with the adults. That was a big honor.
  • Whenever we would come visit, Grandma would buy sugared cereal. This was a big deal for us, because we didn't have sugared cereal at home.
  • We would usually go somewhere fun, like fishing, or to the lake near their home. Every once in a while we'd go out to eat, which was also a rarity for us.
  • Grandpa made me a baby doll crib and tiny matching dresser. Bumblebee plays with it every day, it's all painted up and in her room.
  • Grandpa also made me a wooden jewelry hanger. I has two hearts connected by a rainbow. One heart has 'GRANDPA' written on it and the other heart has my name on it. There are several small metal hooks on the rainbow which are used to hang jewelry. He made that for me on a Valentine's day when I was probably ten or so. I still hang my jewelry on it.
  • Grandma used to take me shopping for clothes. She loved shopping with us girls. The boys far outnumbered the girls among the cousins, so the girls got some extra special one on one time with Grandma at the mall.
Hollywood got to spend a week with them two summers ago. Grandma took her shopping too, and she also got to explore the basement and enjoy their hospitality. I'm sad that it's not their home anymore, but their new place fits their needs better. There are so many memories, and if I had more time to devote to a proper tribute, I would include them all. My grandparents are wonderful people. I am so blessed to still have them in my life.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Dear God. I just said the word 'alrighty' to someone on the phone. I hate, hate, hate a thousand times, the word 'alrighty.' What the hell is the matter with me?!?

What I've Been Reading Lately

I hesitated to write a post today, because then my picture of Taylor Kitsch would fall 'below the fold' on the screen. Maybe I'll set that as my wallpaper on my work laptop, which I am surgically attached to lately, so I could see it all the time...

Anyway, wanted to write a mini book review about a book I recently read called The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman. My mom gave this book to my SIL for Christmas and she let me borrow it. The setting is eerie - an all girls school in upstate New York (I think it was New York...) sitting on a huge and deep lake. The plot is full of darkness - teenage suicide, incest, a dead baby, and people drowning in a lake. Not my typical read, that's for sure - it was very suspenseful and I felt like someone was going to pop out of my closet and butcher me at times when I was reading at 1 a.m. with The Husband out of town. But it was written well, and a definite page turner. I was irritated because I figured out the 'twist' early in the story, which made the ending fall a bit flat for me. But I think that people less sleuthy than I would really enjoy the ending. I hate when I do that - it happens to me while watching movies too. I really should try to think less. The most fascinating part of the book was when it described how lakes ice over, and what the water does before it freezes. Very cool. Anyway, good read, if you don't shy away from the dark topics that I mentioned earlier.

Hmmm. What else have I been reading? I'm still plugging away at Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and am enjoying it a lot lately. The antagonist is my favorite character, though, but I often identify with the 'wrong' characters in books, so that's normal.

I'm listening to The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy. I love her writing. It's easy reading, lots of characters with decent development, just good, enjoyable stuff. Plus it's always set in Ireland, and I love the descriptive passages about Ireland that she sprinkles throughout her books. I listen to books on my commute into work, and while I'm doing housework. I remember my mom doing this as a child. She'd have a book playing while folding laundry, cooking dinner, whatever. It's a great idea - kind of an enjoyable multi-tasking!

I'm due to read another memoir or non fiction book, so if anyone has any good ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Update on work: it still sucks. Our database is still not working properly. I will likely have to work this weekend, again. I am looking forward to my vacation in twenty seven days. Then I get to be away from work for a week and a half.

The Boy is an official fifth grader, and Hollywood is no longer a 'sevvie'. How is it that I can have an 8th grade daughter? God, I hated 8th grade. That was likely the worst year ever. Hollywood seems to be enjoying every minute of junior high, though. She had a pool party (at a boy's house, that was a first) last night to celebrate the end of the school year. The Boy wanted to audition for Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader last night, they had an audition at the Mall in Des Moines and his friend was going, but I just couldn't work it into the schedule. He is the sweetest kid ever. He was disappointed, but shrugged and said, "Ok mom. I hope Michael gets to go on the show." How great is that? He didn't even give me a 'that's not fair!' or 'you're so mean!'

Anyway, I should end this post now. I have my 1:1 meeting with my boss in five minutes and I intend to give her an earful about how things have been lately.

Happy Friday!!