Monday, May 21, 2007


The Husband's uncle isn't doing very well. He's got leukemia. His blood pressure is at dangerous levels (I'm not sure if it's too high or too low), he's being treated for infections and high fevers, along with his diabetes, and the chemo is wiping him out, and the last I heard they were keeping him heavily medicated and he didn't know his visitors.

It's hard to take this in, to come to terms with the fact that he might not beat this. The Husband will be crushed - he has been very close with this uncle for his whole life, I think because they share a lot of the same interests (Native American spirituality, fishing, outdoors stuff, etc.) and because they are only 10 years apart in age.

The 10 years age difference really frightens me - I worry that it could happen to TH. Cancer has been very prevalent in The Husband's family. His maternal aunt passed away from it when she was young - in her early 40s maybe. His grandparents had it, and now his paternal uncle has it. He's got a very heavy family history of cancer, and he smokes. I've tried a couple of times to explain my fears to him lately. I know he's worried about it too, but he still hasn't quit.

My MIL quit smoking about a year and a half ago. She just up and quit one day. I'm sure it was harder than just 'up and quitting', but she's done a great job with it, and I'm so glad that she did it. I hope TH will do the same soon. He's talked about hypnosis, and has tried almost everything else at least once. I don't care what method he uses to try, I just want him to quit smoking because I worry about him getting cancer and leaving us to watch him die a slow and painful death. I have never been a smoker (well, except for a few cigarettes at the bar, but they made me feel so horrible that I could never understand why you'd want to try them when sober...) so I don't understand the urges and how tough it is to quit. I have seen friends and family quit for good, though, so I just hope with all I've got that The Husband will be able to do that someday soon.

But back to Uncle B. I'm still hoping for the best. He's such a positive, stubborn man, that he just might be able to pull through this. But if not, it's going to crush The Husband, and I just hate to even think about it. So if you're the prayer saying type, I'd appreciate a shout up to The Big Man for Uncle Bob.


Mom In Scrubs said...

I'll add him to our prayers, and have the kids say a prayer for him too. People can surprise you, especially the strong stubborn types...

As for the quitting, it MUST be hard, or everyone would quit. Many many patients tell me the biggest part is mental, that you won't succeed at quitting unless you are 100% committed to quitting. I see so many patients who are coming to see me, and just quit "a week ago," or "a month ago." At the first sign of a health problem they get scared and quit. Unfortunately by the time health problems start showing up, the damage has been done. If I could give every smoker advice from experience it would be this: "DON'T wait until you have health problems - QUIT WHILE YOU ARE HEALTHY!!"

Many patients also don't quit for themselves, they quit for their kids or grandkids. The thought of not seeing their kids get married, or their grandkids' first steps is a very powerful motivator for some.

Good luck babe - it's a huge challenge but SO worth it.
Love ya!

Swishy said...

I'm so sorry ... you're in my thoughts.