Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thoughts on the shape-shifter from the show "Heroes":

Heroes is a great show. Hollywood and I are addicted to it. We watch it faithfully every Monday night and thank God for TiVo, because she always asks so many questions that we'd miss a ton of important things if we couldn't pause the show.

Anyway, there's a shape-shifter on the show. You know, someone who can change herself to look and sound like anyone else? She looks like my old friend Shawnel (who I haven't seen in ages, and really need to get back in touch with).

Each week, the show develops the characters a bit more, and I thought the development of the shape-shifter character in Monday's episode was really interesting. In the scene, she was 'babysitting' a little boy she had kidnapped. She works as a minion for one of the bad guys on the show. She was eating french-fries, and the little boy said, "I have a cousin who eats like you do. But he's huge." The shape-shifter replied, "So am I."

Interesting... If you had the power to be a shape-shifter, and you liked to eat to fill the void in your life (the shape-shifter character mentioned something about the world always disappointing) why not make yourself be beautiful? I mean, as long as you had the power to do so, why not, right?

So if you had this power, who would you want to look like? I'm not sure of my answer to this one. Someone beautiful and sexy, but who looks different from everyone else. No obvious, Barbie-like, Carrie Underwood glam for me. She's gorgeous, but a little too cookie-cutter for me. On second thought, she's got a thing going with Tony Romo, and I think you all know my fascination with football players, so hmmm... I'm just not sure. I'll give it some thought and get back with you. But what do you think? Who would you be if you could be a shape-shifter?


WebGal said...

That's an interesting question. I don't think there's any one person out there I'd want to look like completely. Maybe I'd just shape-shift into the skinny me.

Mom In Scrubs said...

I am torn. Part of me would shift into my 18-year-old body with better skin and better hair.
I was watching Food Network this morning though, and I wouldn't say no to looking like Giada DiLaurentis.

Monnik said...

But G, Giada has a HUGE head and a teeny tiny body!

She is very pretty, except for that.

And I blame her for teaching me about Nutella. The evil bitch. ;)

Mom In Scrubs said...

And don't forget, big perky boobs!

I miss perky boobs...

Monnik said...

perky boobs are overrated. That's what they make underwire super bras for. :)

Plus, what the heck are you complaining about, girl? You've always had the best rack of all of us!!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Unfortunately the rack hangs about to my belly-button now, and I haven't found the bra yet that puts them where they belong without cutting off the circulation to the upper half of my body.

Sigh, oh well. Someday I will be able to afford a good surgeon!