Thursday, May 31, 2007

Steamy Dreams...

Last night I had a dream that I was the 'older woman' that Taylor Kitsch (from my show Friday Night Lights) was having a fling with. Oh, and yes, FNL is *my* show. I love it, and would marry it if I weren't already married and if you could marry a tv show.

Anyway, this dream was all nice and steamy without being so graphic as to make me uncomfortable when I woke up. You know what I mean, like when you have one of those dreams where you got really adventurous and you wake up thinking, "Wow. Is that maneuver even physically possible?!" and then you dwell on it all day, and with any luck the partner in the dream wasn't someone icky from work or your old neighbor who looks like Santa Claus. Because if it is the icky guy from work, or Mr. Claus, you spend a lot of time trying to mentally comet-scrub your brain.

But back to Taylor. I think I've posted a picture of this man before, but if not, here's my visual gift to you. Go ahead and stare. He's both hot and adorable at the same time, something that's incredibly hard to pull off. He does have an errant eyebrow, and my friend G might have issues with that, but otherwise, this is perfection, folks:

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Yeah, that's the guy who wanted ME in my dream last night. No wonder I didn't want to wake up and come into this hellhole the office today.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Yeah, he's pretty easy on the eyes - the eyebrow thing might be a problem for me, though...=)
I have those dreams too, then I wake up feeling sort of guilty. Once I had a steamy dream about a comatose patient I had been taking care of a log - he wasn't even remotely attractive. Mental comet- scrub; that's SO appropriate!

Jenster said...

Now THAT'S my kind of dream!!! Nice!

Swishy said...

I would LOVE that dream! Although, I think I might have mentioned this before, but I am a dirty Matt Saracen girl. It is SO WRONG that I think he's cute, but I totally do!

Monnik said...

Matt Saracen is such a great character - it is mildly disturbing that you're crushing on him, but to each her own... That's what's so great about the show. The character development is really good for a first season!