Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Some Kind of Wonderful

Ideas and thoughts for today...

Hmmm. Do I have any ideas or thoughts? Warning: I'm writing off the top of my head here. Prepare for another disjointed post.

iPods are wonderful things. I won two of them at a conference a few weeks ago. Gave The Husband the shuffle, and kept the shiny blue nano to myself. So I'm sitting here at my cubicle listening to it because the most annoying woman of all time sits on the other side of the wall from me. She's so loud, you can hear her from two rows over. And her job is to be on the phone with clients ALL DAY! Which means I get a lot of use out of this nifty musical contraption. Right now, Grand Funk Railroad's Some Kind of Wonderful is playing. And it makes me think of the movie Some Kind of Wonderful. With Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson? Geeky nobody falls for the popular, gorgeous, but secretly poor redhead, while his faithful, tomboyish best pal (played by Mary Stuart Masterson) stands by, heartbroken. It ends up with Eric Stoltz' character choosing his best pal, and giving her the earrings he spent his college savings on (instead of giving them to the popular Lea.) Predictable, cheesy, typical 80s movie. I wanted Lea's hair. I was pissed off that Eric didn't see how much Mary loved him... (or would it be 'Mary Stuart'? I can never figure that out when there are two last names, but one of them could be a second first name instead of a first last name... Just like Jennifer Jason Leigh. Is she a Jennifer Jason? Or a Ms. Jason Lee? Are you still with me here? Doesn't matter, Mary Stuart Masterson's character had some other funky, boyish name in the movie)

Now Gwen Stefani's song Crash is on. I love this song, and I love, love, love Gwen. She's quirky, appears to be a really great, hands-on mom to adorable little Kingston, and she has an attractive husband. Speaking of Mr. Rossdale, a friend of my future sis in law thinks my husband looks like him. We were all hanging out in a small town bar, and this friend asked my permission to 'gawk' at my hubby. I said sure, gawk away. The Husband looks like Gavin before he chopped his hair off, though. But, back to Gwen. I love her music, profane and undecipherable as the lyrics may be. It's great to work out to, and that's worth 99 cents per song on iTunes.

I did a bad thing at lunch today. I went with my friend webgal to the rescue league to look at kittens, and afterwards had her drive through BK. I got a chicken sandwich and fries. And not even a GRILLED chicken sandwich! It was fried! But it tasted good, and I don't really feel all that guilty, because I've been eating healthy *most* of the time, and working out on a regular basis.

What did I learn today that was new? I'm sure I learned something... I remember reading that during a campaign speech, Barak Obama accidentally said that 10,000 people died in the Kansas tornadoes instead of 10 people. That was kind of an amusing blunder, but I still secretly like the guy. (Shhhhh.... don't tell The Husband, or he'll totally kick my almost-becoming-Democratic ass.)

Well, that's it for now. Tonight is Wednesday and I think we're free of obligations, which means I'm going to pack up a picnic, and take the kidlets to the park for dinner. It'll be fun!


WebGal said...

OK...Some Kind of Wonderful was my favorite movie in high school. I can't even count how many times I watched it. It always made me think of my crush because he only saw me as his friend. And he liked the movie. How high school.

It had a great soundtrack. I need to get that on my iPod.

Jenster said...

LOL! Some Kind of Wonderful is on my nano, too! In my "favorites" playlist, no less!

I like Gwen Steffani, but I liked her in No Doubt better. I just like the Southern California garage band sound. LOL

Mom In Scrubs said...

I'm a loser. I don't have an iPod. I don't even have any digital music.
I do, however, like Gwen Stefani. And some kind of wonderful. Can you believe Eric Stolz was in "Mask?" Remember that tear-jerker, with Cher?