Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shear Genius

Has anyone seen this show on Bravo?

Hollywood and I sat and watched four episodes of it in a row last night. How lame is that? My ass was stuck to the couch for like four hours... Unbelievable. I felt seriously guilty about it, but it was an unusually interesting show. It's a reality competition for hairdressers. Some of the things they had them doing were crazy.

I got inspired halfway through the marathon of shows and cut The Boy's hair. It looks great and isn't the typical summer buzz cut. He's a bit old for that these days anyway, but that boy has the thickest, coarsest hair ever. And it grows faster than you can imagine!

But cutting his hair was the only productive thing I did last night. The house is a mess, laundry needs to be done, I didn't clean out closets like I'd hoped to do, and Bumblebee only got one story read to her all night. It was a seriously lazy evening.

Tonight will be different. The Boy has his school track and field day this afternoon, so I get to leave work early for that (yay!) Hollywood has softball practice after school. So get this: track ended yesterday, and softball starts TODAY. How's that for a breather? Then, after practice, Hollywood has to give a presentation about her 'Notable Person' for her TAG class. She picked Lance Armstrong and has been working on this project for months. Her presentation is tonight, so that should be fun to watch. To make tonight really hectic, at the very same time as Hollywood's presentation, in a different town, The Boy has baseball practice. The Husband is out of town, as is often the case when we have conflicting events scheduled. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to manage this, but I'll figure something out... All of this is payback for my comatose evening last night.


Mom In Scrubs said...

I haven't seen Shear Genius, but I used to watch the parent shows: Top Chef and Project Runway. I am hooked on Project Runway.
My guilty secret: last time I was home sick there was a "Work Out" marathon on - I watched like 6 episodes.
Yeah, I'm secretly a lesbian.

Monnik said...

oh, man... you crack me up! that 'work out' show looked pretty good - they had lots of commercials for it. Must not even get started ...