Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Power Lines

Tonight I was driving home from The Boy's baseball game and it started to pour. And I mean POUR. Traffic on the county road I was traveling slowed from 55 to 20 then finally to a halt. After a bit I saw what was causing the congestion: a power line was laying across the street. On one side of the road, a utility pole had fallen, presumably struck by lightning. The pole had crushed the fenced in area where a group of cows were milling about. I was worried about those cows. What if they got electrocuted?!

I didn't know what to do about the line in the road. Two, three, four cars drove over it, but I was still worried. Can you do that without getting zapped? What if the line was still 'live'? I assumed it was, since it had clearly just fallen. But all of the other cars did it and weren't electrifried. (did you see what I did with that word there? I used 'eletri' and 'fried' instead of electrified? Isn't that clever? No? Man, tough crowd. Well, I tried...) So I drove over it and of course we didn't get zapped, we are all fine, but then I wondered why a car would make a person safe from downed power lines and decided to look it up. And here's what I learned in my research: It's NOT safe to drive over downed power lines!! I totally did what my mother told me not to do all of my life, which is to act like a sheep in a herd. "If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you?"

I feel very blessed that I didn't get hurt after doing something stupid like that. I also feel pretty darn lucky that the downpour started precisely eleven seconds after I got into the van after the game ended. It could have happened as I was sitting on my foldout chair, half a mile from the parking lot. Pretty good timing, I'd say.

I've tried to continue this post a few times, but each time I started writing about sad or depressing subjects, So I deleted what I wrote, not being in the mood for a philosophical post. Being down in the dumps isn't normally my style, but today was a pretty bad news day. Too many sad stories that are swimming around in my head. At least there wasn't yet another sad news story reporting about the kids and me getting barbecued (or barba-cubed, as Bumblebee would say) by a downed power line. And, dear readers, on that upbeat thought, I will bid you good night.


Jenster said...

I'm glad you didn't get fried! Don't the rubber tires act as an insulator so you're relatively safe?? I dunno. I probably would have driven over it, too.

And you just blog about anything you want to. Lord knows I've posted enough depressing stuff!

Monnik said...

oh, jenster, I know, but last night I could not get the image of that mom who hung herself and her four babies out of my head. What is that baby who survived going to think when she grows up and hears what happened to her older sisters?

Ugh. I suppose the mom was very, very ill mentally. And while I try to have compassion for that, I struggle with it when I think of the terror those poor babies must have gone through while that was happening.

Mom In Scrubs said...

I have been agonizing over that one myself; it's too horrible to think about but that doesn't seem to stop me.

I am glad you didn't end up on the news too - I thought the same thing as jenster about the rubber tires being an insulator?