Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Son

It startles me
each time I discover how much he's grown.
I have to steady myself and become accustomed to his changes.

Still my loving little man,
Not too old to say 'I love you, Mom.'
But old enough to want some independence.

Without knowing it,
He shows me glimpses of the man that he will one day become
As he plays with his little sister or holds the door open for a stranger.

He hasn't learned to disguise his feelings yet.
His face shows his soul.
I wonder when he will learn to mask his emotions.

I envy his cheerfulness and optimism -
Happiness rules his world.
Will this be lost when childhood abandons him for good?

He's fond of telling me that I'm
The 'Best Mom in the World.'
If only he knew the doubts and fears I have.

Reflecting on what a great child he is
Makes those doubts shrink,
As pride and love swell in their place.


Jenster said...

Very sweet. :o)

Mom In Scrubs said...


I like "his face shows his soul..."

So descriptive and perfect

mcewen said...

'Newbie' had to come and take a peek as I loved the title of your blog.