Monday, May 21, 2007

Mrs. Roper is WHAT?

I had a disturbing conversation with The Husband tonight. He was telling me how much he liked the shirt I was wearing today. I have to give him props for doling out the compliments. He's very good at them. But I was skeptical. The shirt I wore today is a flouncy, floral blouse that belts at the waist. It's got puffy, gauzy sleeves, and while adorable on the rack (and I mean the sales rack, not my rack), it's just not me. I think I could still wear it under a jean jacket, but alone, it reminds me of Mrs. Roper. Remember her? From Three's Company?

I told The Husband that I thought the shirt was like something Mrs. Roper would wear, and he dropped this little bomb: "Mrs. Roper was hot."

"Uh, excuse me? Do you remember who Mrs. Roper was?" I asked.

He did. In case you don't remember, here's a picture of her:

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That's hot? What the??

"There's obvious hot, and there's 'good to go' hot. Mrs. Roper was always in the mood. She was hot." Apparently, always being horny makes you hot. This should bring hope to homely women everywhere!!

I will never understand men, even if I live to be a thousand years old. But if my husband thinks that is hot, then I really probably could have skipped my work out tonight. :)

Speaking of working out, I have a 'what would you do' question... As I was getting ready for my post-workout shower, I grabbed a new bar of soap out of the closet. The wastebasket is next to the toilet in our bathroom, and as I took the soap out of the carton to throw it away, the soap dropped and fell into the toilet.

It was a flushed toilet, which is hit or miss at my house, so fortune was with me there. But, I haven't scrubbed that toilet in a week and a day, and a week is about the limit when we have four people sharing the bathroom. (The Husband has his own bathroom and the rest of us share one. He needs his own personal bathroom space, and we're happy to give it to him. ) Back to the soap: do I throw it away because it fell into the toilet? Normally, that would be a no-brainer. You throw things away if they fall into the stool. But soap is pretty much self-cleaning, right? So even though it fell into the toilet, if I wash it off in the shower, it gets clean, doesn't it? I mean, that soap touches my kids' asses. I know they don't use the thing I do to get clean. You know, those spongy-scrunchy-mesh-things-that-I-want-to-call-a-loofah-but-that's- not-right-and-they-have-no-good-name, nor do I ever find a washcloth in the tub. So... either their butts aren't getting clean, or the soap is coming in contact with such germy body parts.

What would you have done about the soap?

It likely won't come as a shock to you that I gave it a good ole rinse and put it in the shower. .. And then I proceeded to use the last of the body wash I swiped from the hotel in Phoenix instead of the soap, letting whoever's next in the shower deal with any leftover toilet germs. Yeah, I'm mean.


WebGal said...

Ok...that your husband found Mrs. Roper hot is disturbing...

As for the bar of soap...I'd have to agree with you. Soap is essentially self cleaning...that's the whole point of it. And it's funny that you left that bar for some else to de-germ.

Jenster said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! You are cracking me up!!

First of all, the Mrs. Roper thing is a hoot. There's no understanding men and I do think we worry about being attractive to them a whole lot more than we have to. I mean, come on. Mrs. Roper??

I'd do the same thing with the soap. After it's been used a couple times then I think I'd be okay with it. LOL

Mom In Scrubs said...

The soap thing - I agree. It's not like it's a toothbrush or your contact lens or something like that. Any germ that can live on a bar of soap probably lives on your bathtub walls, shower curtain, drain, and so on.

Why am I not surprised by the Mrs. Roper thing? Because my husband thinks the same way: being perpetually horny is a turn-on. I assume all men think pretty much the same, I mean, do you know ANY single guy who would turn down a (disease-free, hygeine-conscious)woman who was so obviously hot for him? Men love being wanted, and since women are the way we are, being wanted all the time remains a fantasy for most of them!

Something tells me that while he might want you to "Mrs. Roper" him, he wouldn't want you "Mrs. Roper-ing" around in public like she did, right?

Manic Mom said...


First of all, ADORABLE new profile pick! Of both of you!

The Soap Incident: I would have taken the soap out, maybe even with pee in the pot, and 'cleaned' it off before letting someone else use it. That is classic! Too bad the writers on Seinfeld didn't think this one up. But there was one episode of Friends where Joey and CHandler were discussing the washcloth and what the last thing was Chandler used it for, and then what the first thing Joey used it for in the shower. Remember that one?

Also, I am guessing Mrs. Roper did not wear panties under her muu-muus. Now, that's hot!

Excuse me now while I go puke.

Swishy said...

I would ... I don't know, actually! It depends. FOR SURE, I would make someone else use it first. Ha ha.

Lainey-Paney said...

Mrs.Roper was not HOT!

surely...surely....he was kidding.