Friday, May 4, 2007

A Few Bumblebee-isms

Bumblebee cracks me up. Last night we were getting ready for her bath and she said, "Mommy. I really need a bath. My hands smell like Barba Cube." (BBQ)

This morning she was talking about a boy at her old daycare who was mean. "He was so mean that when someone said uh-huh, he would say nuh-uh." I think her definition of 'mean' is pretty funny.

This morning we had a Mother's Day breakfast at The Boy's school. Bumblebee was so excited about this, because they serve donuts with sprinkles!! Donuts are a rare treat for my kids, so she was seriously jumping up and down with glee when she saw that they had the ultimate perfection in donuts: white frosting with pink sprinkles. Pink! Not only did they have sprinkles, but they were pink! She was in heaven.

1 comment:

Jenster said...

I LOVE Barba Cube!! And pink donuts with sprinkles. Me and Bumblebee would get along great! lol