Thursday, May 3, 2007

Cheesy Ode to Springtime

Temperatures rise, the flowers bloom,
Time for the hectic schedule to resume.

The rain smells fresh, the birds chirp sweetly,
My calendar is full completely.

I admire the lilacs, and my lovely purple phlox,
Now where in the hell are The Boy's baseball socks?

The grass turns green across all of the land.
What do you mean, I have to work the concession stand?

The fields are prepared, the earth is being plowed,
Track meets are fun - chasing Bumblebee through the crowd.

Animals are everywhere: newborn calves and baby chicks
Can I make forty cupcakes with one cake mix?

The sun shines brightly, warming us with its rays
We won't have a free night for days and days...


WebGal said...

Good one.

krobzoo said...

nice - and sounds familiar. games or practices every night. And for some smart reason, we signed K up for a team in one town and J up for another.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Very cute, love it!

Especially the cake mix part. I always wonder how far I can stretch a cake mix....