Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rugged Handsomeness, anyone?

Ok, so for someone who's been complaining about being stressed and busy at work, I'm sure posting a lot, aren't I?

I had to comment about my favorite football player, Brett Favre. He got mad at the Packers for failing to acquire Randy Moss, and said he wanted to be traded. He's since cooled off and said that he never asked to be traded, but that he does let his emotions get the better of him sometimes. Now there's all sorts of speculation about how the Packers shouldn't let Favre dictate the team, and how they've been living in fear of Favre for the past few years, being on pins and needles to see if he really will retire or not, yadda, yadda.

I'm glad he doesn't want to be traded, because I'd be crushed to see Favre playing for another team. He's just got to retire in Green Bay, or I'll freak out. It's kind of fun with him in the news a lot because I get to see pictures of him like this:

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or the classic 'number one' pose:

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Or, look at this one... How cute is this man? Look at those laugh lines! That smile! (swoon) And The Husband thinks I watch football because of the sport!

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WebGal said...

Yeah, that is one sexy man.

krobzoo said...

Yes, he is pretty smokin'!
If you want another it would be Sawyer on LOST. Very hot in a stuck on a deserted island kind of way.

Swishy said...

The best is when they have a little smudge of dirt on their cheeks :)

Jenster said...

He's definitely not hard on the eyes. I love his smile. SEXY!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Yeah he's pretty hot, especially when he smiles. I have to say though in your first pic he looks unsettlingly like John Malkovich.

I'm with J, I look forward to seeing Sawyer's sweaty scruffy body every Weds.