Friday, April 27, 2007

Bumblebee's New Daycare and the Crockpot Chicken Recipe

Bumblebee started a new daycare this week. I struggled a lot with the decision to move her because she seemed really happy at her old place, which was a fairly large daycare center. She got her Frazzled But Loving It alias from that place, because she was in the 'Bumblebee' classroom there. The number one reason for moving her was the location. The center is in a town about 8 miles north of our home. I work about 30 miles south of my house, so this added an extra 16 miles each way to my commute. It started getting REALLY old.

But there were other reasons to switch too. She doesn't have the best immune system, apparently. That kid catches EVERY damn cold, virus, bacteria, whatever, that's even close to her. Being in a classroom with 20 kids, and sharing a building with about 100 kids, meant that she was exposed to a lot of germs. The kid was sick at least once a month, if not more than that since we put her in that daycare a year and a half ago. So that was the second reason.

The third reason is icky, and I almost hate to admit it on here, but I will anyway. She could NOT get rid of head lice! Every time I would get those little bastards and their eggs out of her hair (by spending HOURS combing through her hair, yanking and hurting her tender scalp, while listening to her whine incessantly to be done already...) She would go back to school and come home with full grown bugs that jumped to her recently deloused head from some other infested child. I asked the teachers to do head checks and send home kids with 'buggies' in their hair. And maybe they did, but I doubt it, because she just kept getting it again. Yuck.

So I spent last weekend doing a preventative lice treatment and combout because I'd be mortified if I passed headlice to the new daycare center. I'm going to do another treatment this weekend, just in case. The new daycare is an in-home center ran (run?) by The Husband's cousin's wife. It's in a town about 10 miles south of our house, and here's the best part. It's TWO blocks away from Target. I always have to go to Target. Now I can pop in there after picking Bumblebee up from Robyn's and it's right on the way! Way, way cool. Ok, so the proximity to Target isn't the best thing, but it's pretty cool. Robyn (or 'Wobyn' as Bumblebee calls her) has a nice house, with kids the Bee's age, and a few babies too. TH's other cousin also takes his kids there, so five of the kids at this center have the same last name as us. They're all related somehow. Third Cousins? I'm not sure how that works. How is Bumblebee related to The Husband's cousins' kids?

Anyway, so far the transition has been great. Bumblebee seems excited to go there each day, and has had lots of good things to say about it. "Mom, I got to have CHEETOS for lunch!" (She fed her other things too, like salad (with 'wanch') and chicken strips.) I've been able to get to work early enough to leave by 4, which gets me home before 5. I haven't been able to get home by 5 p.m. since we moved up to Tinytown, and I love having that extra half hour of time to get dinner ready or whatever.

Speaking of dinner, I'm excited because my friend Webgal got a great healthy recipe from a Weight Watchers meeting she went to. I'm doing WW too, and decided to try it. I put four potatoes, double wrapped in foil in the bottom of my crock pot. Then I put a whole roaster chicken on top of them and rubbed it with spices. Since I have fresh rosemary, thyme, and oregano on my sink shelf in the kitchen, I used that along with garlic, pepper, coarse kosher salt, and onion powder. I'll cook the chicken all day in the crock pot, and the thought is that the fat from the chicken will fall to the bottom of the crock pot, below the potatoes, and the chicken will stay moist and savory. We'll see if it works. I'm just mostly excited that when I get home my house will smell good and dinner will be almost done! Which is good since we have another baseball game to go to tonight. I hope The Boy does great this game too!

That does it for today. Happy Friday everyone! We're supposed to have sunshine after a week's worth of rain and cold, so I'm pretty excited about it. I'll take the rain during the week if I can have sunshine on the weekend!


Mom In Scrubs said...

So how was the chicken?

Monnik said...

The chicken was awesome! Great recipe, I totally recommend it. :)