Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All is Quiet

Wow. It's quiet.

Except for the sound of the wind rustling the trees, the rain hitting the screen on top of the chimney, the hum of the computer fan and my keyboard clicking away, it's totally quiet.

And that's really, really weird. It's only 9:42 p.m.!

I spent tonight cleaning the bathrooms and Bumblebee's room. I threw away two garbage bags of toys, and brought the big dresser/hutch we had in our dining room into her room for clothes and book storage. She has about a gazillion books. I need to go through those and give away about 2/3 of them, but she'd throw a fit. That one certainly is attached to her books.

Hollywood's track meet and The Boy's baseball game were both canceled tonight, because it's been raining steadily all day. This was a blessing, because The Husband had to work in a town 3 hours away and he knew he'd be home late. So I got a reprieve from my taxi schedule for a night and took advantage of it by cleaning toilets, folding laundry, and finding the floor in Bumblebee's room.

Because I got into a cleaning rut, I let the kids fend for themselves for dinner. I thought The Husband would be home after dinnertime, and since I was intent on getting that room totally organized, I let The Boy have two corndogs and some strawberries while Hollywood had two bowls of cereal and Bumblebee had popcorn. Wouldn't you know it? TH came home earlier than I expected. I felt guilty, like I was 'busted' for feeding the kids crap. I wore a sheepish grin as I told him that it's not how I normally feed them when he's gone (it's not, really...) and he laughed.

I've been sticking to my workout schedule for almost three weeks now. I'm really getting into the jogging, and I'm not the best at it yet, but I do have a goal: I want to run the Komen Race For a Cure 5K Run in October. I think I'll have no trouble doing it if I keep up with the workout schedule I've been doing lately. Speaking of workouts, anyone have any good ways to tone arms? I've always been jealous of my mom's sculpted arms (she has Popeye muscles, I swear!). The arms are my problem spot, where I hold onto fat the longest. I'm about as thin as I've been my adult life and still the arms are a problem. So, suggestions, please!

Well, I took advantage of the silence in my house to blog about mostly nothing. It's not as quiet now, though. The ice maker in the freezer is rattling. The dog is walking across the kitchen and her nails are clack-clacking on the floor. The wind is making the windows in the sunroom creak and tap. It's eerie now that I stop to pay attention to it. But, it's time for me to get my clothes, coffee, and lunch ready for tomorrow and then get to bed. Then nobody will be around to hear the ice maker or the tapping sunroom windows. (Does that mean they still make a sound? ha!)

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Manic Mom said...

Hey! You win a CD--email me so we can figure out what songs you want!

Congrats! And thanks for playing!