Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday G!!

Today is my friend G's 34th birthday. Just had to give her a shout out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy the day, Glad you're as old as me now.

How's the weather out 'East'? It's icier than two cats scrogging during a hockey game here. :D

Love ya!

Teenage Daughters and Choosing Your Battles

Hollywood and I had a sparring match last night. She spent over an hour in the bathtub, and Bumblebee needed to get in there to go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. When I told Hollywood to get out of the bathroom, she freaked out, which caused me to freak out too. Then we were both freaking out at each other. I realized about halfway through the confrontation that there are much better issues to argue about than time spent in the bathroom.

Even though I realized that this was one of those battles that shouldn't be chosen, Hollywood and I went round and round at each other until she stormed downstairs to her room. Unfortunately for her, the door to her bedroom doesn't make a satisfying WHAM sound when she slams it. She tried for the effect, but it made an ineffectual thump instead.

If I think back twenty years, to when I was her age, I have to laugh. I have become my mother, and Hollywood is just like me at 13. It's pretty scary, if you think about it.

I sat there for a minute and thought about how childish *I'd* been for continuing to fuel our argument. Yes, she may have mouthed off at me more than she needed to, but she was interrupted while taking a (ridiculously long) bath. I might get testy in that situation too. I didn't need to come down on her for overreacting, especially when I was guilty of overreacting myself while I was telling her not to yell at me. See the neverending cycle here? I'm a bad person to get into an argument with. The Husband would attest to this. I hate to lose, and even if I'm arguing about something as random and irrelevant as the best way to eat corn on the cob (across the ear like a typewriter, or in vertical circles around the corn...), I must win the argument, because I'm always right, by God! (You know that you have to eat corn the typewriter way, right?)

I realized that this argument was just as pointless as the corn on the cob one would be. I went downstairs to tell her goodnight, and apologized. Then I braided her hair. (She likes it braided at night so when she gets up it's somewhat wavy.) I felt bad that it got that out of control, because she's a really great kid, aside from her tendency to fly off the handle at times. I have no idea where she gets this trait from... Really!

My goal with her is to CHOOSE MY BATTLES. The one we had last night wasn't necessary. I could have let her initial mouthiness slide, but instead, I rushed in with my 'I'm the mom and deserve respect' mantra, and kept at it far too long. She deserves respect too, and being allowed one grouchy response when told to get out of the bathroom isn't the same as letting her blatantly disrespect her family.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ice Storm - Power Outage

I live in a frozen wasteland.

Ok, that sounds bad. I live in a beautiful frozen wasteland? A little better.

This past weekend, we had a late winter storm that involved rain that turned to ice that turned to snow. It resulted in about a 1/2 inch layer of ice on everything, underneath about 8 inches of snow. Heavy snow.

As a result, we lost power for about 12 hours. At first the power started flickering on and off. I was able to finish the second coat of paint that I was putting on the bathroom walls while it was still sunny outside. Then it started to get dark. At one point the power came back on for about 10 minutes. We were optimistic, and I started to cook 10 slices of bacon for some bacon and egg sandwiches. Then the power went out. For the rest of the night. 10 perfectly good slices of bacon were completely ruined. But, I'm getting off track.

So. The Husband made a fire in the fireplace. Hollywood decided to spend the night at a friend's house, because she had electricity. I didn't blame her one bit. That left The Boy, Bumblebee, The Husband, and me huddled around the fireplace in the living room without power. We played Twenty Questions. I went first. I was thinking of a balloon. Nobody could guess it. I was accused of having a really hard one, and not answering questions in a straightforward manner. "Will it break if you throw it?" was one of the questions. Um... a balloon will break if you throw it at a needle. So I was ambiguous and said, "It might..." Anyway, enough about that. I rule the world at Twenty Questions and my family is just jealous of that skill.

The Husband borrowed Hollywood's guitar. He played songs. We sang. Then he played the piano and sang. We hung out for a few hours as a family. In the dark, smelling the woodsmoke, and enjoying each other's company. It was nice.But I was very glad when the power came on at 3 a.m.

Our next 'catastrophe' was that the satellite tv was not working. And there was a NASCAR race on. The Husband (who gets the Darwin award for this - you know the Darwin awards? Created for people who do really dumb things?) actually climbed up onto the roof - THE ROOF THAT HAD A LAYER OF ICE UNDER SNOW - to clear off the snow from the satellite. Was it wrong that I called him an idiot? I suppose that was a tad harsh, but puh-lease. If he would have fallen off the icy roof and broke his neck I'd have killed him!

Spring can't come fast enough.


On to the Next Birthday

The boy turns 10 on Saturday. It seems completely impossible - he was a baby just last week, I swear! And what a sweet baby he was... The girls were independent types from the start, and they weren't nearly as cuddly as The Boy was. So I have very sweet memories of The Boy as a baby. He's still a sweetheart, 10 years later! But enough nostalgia...

When asked what he wants for his birthday, he says more Bionicles. I have no idea what his fascination with these things are. Bionicles are little robot looking things that have a zillion little pieces. I think the thrill of them is putting them together, much like a Lego set. Come to think of it, Lego might make these things. I'm not sure. Anyway, he's got a big plastic storage box full of them. So I'm inclined to get him something instead of more Bionicles.

But what? The weather is crappy, so I hate getting outside stuff. He got a new bike for Christmas, has equipment for all of the sports he plays (basketball, football (flag), baseball), has enough movies to open a Blockbuster franchise, and is already too addicted to the computer and X-Box. He likes to read, but has about twenty books that he got for Christmas that he hasn't read yet. (He's almost done with the last published Harry Potter book, so I'm sure he'll get to them soon.)

Maybe I'll have The Husband get him some 'real' fishing gear. This is probably the first year he'll go on a true weekend trip with his dad. (Hopefully the girls will go shopping or lounge by some water somewhere while the boys are gone...). But what else?

10 is a hard age to buy a present for. I'm stumped with this one. Maybe he'd like a new puppy.
Ha. Just kidding.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Just like a FOUR year old!

Bumblebee can write her own name now. It's very cute, and she does it quite well for a 3 year old. The other morning, on our way to daycare, she exclaimed in the most proud of herself voice, "Momma, I'm just like a FOUR YEAR OLD now that I can write my own name!"

God, I love that kid. Can you even imagine how cool it would be to aspire to be like a four year old? To want to be able to do things that a four year old is doing?


(P.S. Don't get used to multiple postings per day. I'm new at this, and have several items stored up that I want to write down.)

My First Post

I've decided to start a blog, for the following reasons:
  1. to force myself to write regularly
  2. to have a place to record stories about my family that I'd like to remember
  3. to get opinions or comments
  4. because everyone has a blog these days, so why shouldn't I??
A little about myself.

Today is my 34th birthday. I don’t feel old. I don't feel particularly young either. My kids like to tease me about my age, but since there’s not much I can do about how old I am, I’m okay with having another birthday. Maybe I’ll have more thoughts on this later, but for now, I’m cool with 34.

I have three beautiful kids. A 13 year old daughter, who I will call ‘Hollywood’, because that’s a nickname her uncle gave her. A son, who will turn 10 next week. I’ll call him ‘The Boy’ because, well, he is ‘the boy’. And a 3 year old daughter, who I’ll refer to as ‘Bumblebee’ because she’s in the Bumblebee room at daycare, and tells everyone she knows all about it.

I work full time for a large, very well known bank. For the most part, I love my job. It can get crazy, and sometimes I have to work weird hours, but it’s very flexible, and I have a good boss, and that counts a lot for me.

I’ve been married for 10 ½ years to ‘The Husband’. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ve stuck through a lot to be there for each other. The Husband travels a lot for business. Sometimes he travels so much that I become completely psychotic.

3 kids. Full time job. Husband who travels. ‘Frazzled But Loving It’ is a fitting title for my blog, I think. Because my life does lead me in a thousand different directions, thus making me frazzled. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.